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A Guilty, Authentic Rant of Epic Proportions.


EraseWorkingMomGuiltGuilt. It’s one of those words that, although it’s 2019, people still tend to stay hush-hush about because of fear of looking less than perfect on social media. People don’t want to look bad in front of all of their followers, right? Why would they want to do a thing like that? Let me ask a better question: why would anybody choose to be authentic when they could be fake?

I guess I’m weird.

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Try Shipt and Ask Yourself, “Where Have You Been All my Life?”

You guys.

I am obsessed with this service..it’s basically a personal assistant that will grab your groceries for you and deliver them straight to your home!! You pick what you want from what store, click each item and add it to your order, pay and wait. They are quick, efficient, and absolutely amazing. I have used them twice now and I literally said while singing their praise to my mother today, “Where has this been all my life??”

You can try a two week free trial at the link below and it helps me get a $50 credit towards a future order for me if you sign up – people helping people is a beautiful thing! I seriously love it and lately my life has been SO busy – this helps me in a major way!

Use my link and get $50 off membership when you sign up! http://share.shipt.com/zC929

Try it for 2 weeks. Cancel if you don’t love it. Order once and see how you feel. You’re gonna buy groceries anyway – might as well have someone do it for you and save your precious time to do other things you actually enjoy!

You’re welcome! Xo

The Toddler Years: How a 3 Year Old Will Keep You on Your Feet

Three. My little man is actually three-and-a-half now, and time is just flying right on by. He talks as much as a 5 year old, and is verifiably as smart as one, too, according to the IQ testing he had done at his NICU Specialist’s last appointment upon his turning 3. He blew his specialist away – he blows everyone away. Nobody can quite get over just how amazingly bright and smart this little dude is – and nobody can quite get over the cuteness either.

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Epilepsy: Our New Normal

It takes a lot to rattle my bones. I’ve been through more than most parents have throughout my time as a mom. Not many parents I know can say they’ve been through, or have dealt with, even a small portion of the things I’ve been through. So, when something hits me like a ton of bricks and truly shakes me to my core, it’s usually got to be pretty significant, and it’s probably got something to do with one of my children.

This time, there’s no exception.

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