Life as a Mom to a Type 1 Diabetic


When I had children, I never expected that any of them would one day be diagnosed as a Diabetic. I mean, if I had really entertained the possibility, I suppose the notion wouldn’t seem so far fetched as there is a plethora of Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) to go around within my family. Having a sister with T1D, a father with Type 2, and grandfathers with both types, aside from being Type 2 pre-diabetic myself the possibility was very real. But, you don’t really think about all of that unless it happens to you.

Life over the past couple of weeks has changed drastically. Since we got his diagnosis on July 31st, it’s like life has been flipped completely upside down up until this point. There has been loads of stress, coupled with appointments, and much learning throughout the process. I have given myself time to absorb the reality of the situation, and I think I’ve made peace with it. It’s nothing any of us wanted to deal with, but here we are. We have learned to begin living in our new alternate reality. Is it easy? Never. It’s not even gotten to the point where it’s the slightest bit pleasant yet. But, it is what it is – and we are all doing the best we can to cope.

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Breastfeeding Essentials I Can’t Live Without

Breastfeeding mamas, or soon to be mamas: Listen up. This post is for you!

As a breast feeding mama myself, I love to share what works for me, and what makes my life easier. I wanted to take a few quick minutes while I was thinking of it to share some of my current breast feeding essentials and favorites with all of you – and I am sharing direct links to where you can purchase these products on the cheap. I promise you, I would never mislead you for the sake of making a quick advertising buck. I use these products myself and I can attest the fact that they work, and they make my life easier.

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Important Life Update and MIA Status – Here’s Why

Hello Everyone, and Good Morning.

This past week has been one of the most chaotic in recent history for us here in the McCormick household. Monday, I took my son Marcus to the doctor because he hadn’t been feeling well. After they performed a urine test and finger poke test, it was confirmed he was a full  blown diabetic. I was in shock. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, because he has been drinking over a gallon of water a day, peeing constantly, dropping weight and more for at least a few weeks now, and sleeping almost constantly. Granted, I really did believe the sleeping portion was age related but nonetheless.

They immediately sent us over to the children’s hospital because his numbers were quite literally off the charts. The glucose meter was reading HHH, which apparently means his sugar was over 300, and the urine test was showing large amounts of sugar and ketones in the urine. I made a quick stop at home, grabbed a couple things and flew to the hospital.

We got there and he was evaluated in the ER, and after more testing (blood work) was done, the ER doctor told us he would be admitted to the PICU – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and essentially, his body was eating itself and attacking itself. This is the end biggest emergency for diabetics, and can lead to coma and death of not treated immediately. 

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Unconventional Ways to Keep Kids Entertained Over Summer Break

As summer break approaches it’s end, most of us with multiple children are ready, waiting, and excited for school to show it’s face yet again. I know I certainly am. I legit have a countdown app on my phone detailing the exact amount of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until school begins again. #NoShame

I have begun, at this point, running out of options when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. That is, options of the typical sorts. TV, playing basketball outside, snack time, going to the library, movies, and doing their regular chores has become boring not only to them, but to me as well

Here are some different ways to get the kids involved and engaged in activities that the whole family can do – at least, for the most part.

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Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart – Book Review


Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart is a brand new children’s book that paints the strong picture of perseverance, courage, and triumph. Written by Dion Leonard and beautifully illustrated by Lisa Manuzak, this story is sure to warm the heart of all who read it.

When Dion Leonard ran one of the longest, most trying races through the Gobi Desert – 7 days, 155 miles, to be exact – he had no idea that he would find the truest form of friendship in man’s best friend. On day two of the race, a small dog approached him from out of what seemed like nowhere, and from there, a friendship was forged and would come to last forever.

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Crazy Things Moms Do

Good Wednesday Morning, Friends!


This post is going to resonate all too well with some of you lovely ladies out there. I know it has for me.

This morning was one of those mornings where my coffee spilled all over my carpet, and I was in a rush to get out the front door to my daughters new high school to fill out her schedule. I was running behind (way behind, as I just couldn’t kick my butt into gear this morning) and by the time I put my shoes on to leave, I realized I had two different shoes on.

Seriously? Seriously.

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New England’s Finest: A Subscription Box Review Post + Discount Code

I’d like to paint you a mental picture for just a moment, if I could.

Imagine stepping outside and inhaling crisp, cool air as leaves fall softly like snowflakes from the trees. They crunch softly beneath your feet as you casually stroll along, admiring their many shades of brilliant color. No noise can be heard save for the occasional bird call, or the snapping of twigs as squirrels chase each other to and fro. You look up and gaze at the beautiful mountains in the distance, and then close your eyes and take a mental picture. This, my friends, is what it’s like to live in New England. At least, it is in the fall. And the fall was always my absolute favorite season of all growing up.


Fall foliage in the Berkshires (MA) – Photo copyright Travelocity

For those who don’t know, I’m actually a Massachusetts native – but since the age of 18, I’ve called South Florida home. I’ve realized over time that I don’t miss the people, for the most part. What I do miss is the brilliant, breathtaking scenery. Those gorgeous trees when the foliage takes over, the beauty of the first frost, and first snowfall. Making snowmen and having snowball fights. The way the snow made everything seem magical and peaceful all at once. That bluish glow it has at first light, sparkling as the sun begins to emerge from behind an overcast sky, seemingly drowning out any and all noise and absorbing it into it’s blanket. Yes, my friends…I do miss it. I miss all of New England.

That’s why I am so very excited about today’s post. I am beyond excited, if I’m being honest. I was given the opportunity to review a wonderful subscription service from nowhere other than my homeland – New England! Everyone, I’d like to tell you about New England’s Finest.


New England’s Finest is a subscription box unlike anything else I’ve personally ever seen. Most of us have heard of the beauty subscription boxes, and the breastfeeding subscription boxes – heck, there are even magic subscription boxes. But I had never dreamed there could be a subscription service like this one. New England’s Finest is a wonderful subscription service which hand selects and puts together these lovely boxes for its subscribers once per month, or even for a one time delivery, depending upon your preference. Within these boxes, you can expect to find some of the best indulgences New England has to offer.

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The Hospital Box: A Review Post

The Hospital Box 1.jpg

When we have a loved one who is faced with a lengthy hospital stay, or is bed ridden for any extended amount of time, it’s paramount to us as their loved ones to want to see them as happy and as comfortable as humanly possible. It’s not always easy when we have to leave them alone in a lonely hospital bed, or can’t make it to see them due to distance and or crazy work schedules. Sometimes, a simple card is enough – but sometimes, that card just doesn’t seem to cut it. Many times, we want to do more. That’s where this fabulous innovation known as The Hospital Box comes into play.

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Toddlers are to Hurricanes…

Good Morning, Everyone!

This morning as I sit here with my coffee and attempt to wake up enough to really open my eyeballs, I look across my dining room table, kitchen counters, and floors and realize to myself, “Your house is disgusting. You need to clean. Like, really clean. Deep clean this bitch.” (I don’t always cuss…but when I do, stuff is getting real.)

Yeah, and how?

I seriously have no idea how I manage to get the basics done every day with a toddler, let alone anything else. I feel oh-so-accomplished when I’m able to get a bed made and some laundry washed these days. I know it won’t last forever because he will only be this little once, and for such a short time. I try so hard to embrace every moment of his tiny life, and we spend nearly all day playing with toys and learning and exploring. But being that I’ve got some pretty severe OCD when it comes to cleaning and organization, I’m in the middle of a meltdown this morning. This disorganization and mess is killing me.

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