Welcome: My Life as a Mom and Wife

Hey there, you!  The one reading this. I’m talking to you, mama!

I am so glad to finally get my fingers going on these keys, and very really super excited to have started this blog so that I can connect with all of you amazing mama’s in the world, share my experience as a mother, and have a laugh or two in the process. I’m sure this place will be filled with words that will provoke laughter, thoughts, happy moments, and even stir up warm memories within you. I plan on implementing plenty of content, from typical blogs, to picture posts, craft ideas, DIY tips (I’m a huge lover of all things DIY), and even some things that just might surprise you. Expect the unexpected with my blog, and prepare for lots of fun! I hope you will feel the need to click the ‘Follow’ button and hang around for a long time to come.

Who I am:

I want to tell you all about me so that you will know who I am, and what I stand for. My calling in this world is to be a mother, and a wife. Not only that, but a Christian. I am a strong believer in doing what I can to help others, and putting a smile on the faces of those around me. I want to live my life as an example of the love Jesus has for all of us, and if you don’t like that – you can stop reading where you are, and click the little ‘x’ in the top right corner of the page. Or, you could opt to back out of the page. Either way…I am who I am. Nothing and nobody can change that.

I’m a mom to four amazing, crazy, rambunctious, hard-to-handle, awesome, awe inspiring, loving, emotional, wild children. I have two teenage girls, one 15 and one 13, and two pre-teen boys, one 10 and one 11. If I’m being honest, which I will always be on this blog, I can tell you it is never easy. It’s never too hard, though. No matter what crazy things life throws my way, I know ‘I’ve got this’, because Jesus is the one writing the book to my life. Without Him, I’d have fallen apart long before now. I have lived my life without Him. Never again.

I love my family more than life itself. I know it’s an incredibly cliche’ thing to say, but it’s true. I feel like…they really are my everything. They are what make my whole world spin ’round.

I have the world’s greatest husband – and no, I’m not just saying that because he will most likely be reading this, but because it’s the honest truth. He and I have been through hell and high water together. Some of the things I’ve put that man through…but you know, we live, and we learn. We grow from our mistakes. There are only a select few men in the world who could ever be as loyal, honest, loving, caring, genuine, and downright amazing as he is to me. I will forever respect him – anyone who can put up with me, all my flaws, and all the things I’ve done, deserves the respect and adoration. It can’t be easy to love a girl like me. I don’t make it easy. I’m just difficult by nature…guess I get it from my mama.

I’m not a perfect mom, nor am I a perfect wife. I take each day as it comes. I deal with each situation that arises as it comes. It’s not always easy – but it’s always worth it.

With that, I leave you with one final thought for today:

“There are far better things ahead, than any which we have left behind.” – C.S. Lewis

I look forward to my first official blog post. This was an introduction of sorts. I’m sure I’ve left a million things in which I wanted to say out – and that’s okay. I’m human, remember?

Take care, everyone. Remember: Follow and Like if you would be so kind! Looking forward to next time.


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