Broken Bones, Spelling Bees, and Illness – Oh My!

When life throws you lemons…catch those lemons, hold them high into the sky, and summon your inner He-Man with a loud, “I’ve got the power of Greyskull!” Okay, maybe not that last bit… but you get the point.

This past week has been a chaotic ensemble of craziness – as are most weeks in the McCormick household. One thing I absolutely adore about my life is the fact that nothing is ever boring. Things don’t have a chance to get boring around here, because around every corner, there is a new adventure. There’s always something new and exciting -whether bad or good -waiting for me at the start and finish of every day. I embrace all of it, because it’s all a part of the plan for my life.

My 13 year old daughter, Amber, broke her ulna and radius (both wrist bones) in her left arm this past Saturday.

CAM01813 CAM01855

The poor thing; this isn’t her first go ’round with a broken wrist. The first time, she’d broken it playing on her scooter, tripping over a twig and falling into the grass and landing wrong. It was known as a buckle fracture. That time, there was only one broken bone. This time, she was playing football with her brothers and dad – and took a hard fall between the grass and the pavement, landing on her wrist in the most inopportune way – and sure enough, broke it. After a trip to the ER confirmed what I already knew, that she had broken it, she was put into a splint and had to wait until Tuesday to get into a cast. Not too long of a wait, but it sure felt like a lifetime for both her, and me.

Another thing about Amber – she’s a straight A (okay, sometimes ‘B’) student and was recently the winner of her middle school Spelling Bee. She is now competing in the Statewide competition and from there, will go on to Washington DC to compete there for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The winner from last year’s event has been tutoring her and helping mentor her along the way. This spelling bee stuff is a pretty serious deal! Not only is she learning and studying English words, she is also mastering Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic words as well. Am I proud? You’d better believe it! Okay, so because she broke her wrist and wasn’t yet in a cast, she missed her meeting with her mentor for practice this week as she wasn’t in school. I hope this doesn’t throw her into too much of a tailspin in trying to study even harder than she has been, and making up for lost time. I also hope it doesn’t interfere with the overall outcome of the spelling bee – but you know, no matter what – I know how hard she’s worked for this. Win or lose, I love her and I am so proud of her! I couldn’t be prouder if I tried.

Aside from this chaotic ordeal, my two sons and I have been sick with some kind of terrible sore throat/cough/stuffy nose thing. That’s always fun. My youngest son, Alex, who is 10 has gotten the worst of it – but it seems to be on it’s way out. I am feeling a bit better these last two days, and my oldest son, Marcus, 11, seems to be better for the most part. I hate when one person in the house gets sick – because everyone ends up getting it. There is no quarantining going on in this house. It’s physically impossible to keep the kids in their beds when they are sick. Try as I might, it just ‘ain’t happenin’.

I suppose I could invent an invisible force field to keep them confined to their bed…Hmm. Never really thought of that.


Aside from those few minor things, I suppose this week has been a pretty great one. I’m looking forward to Valentines Day this weekend, which is odd because I’m not usually too much of a fan of the holiday. I just feel like it’s a ‘Hallmark Holiday’, meaning a day to spend too much money on needless things for the person you love. In reality, we should be showing that kind of love on a daily basis to our loved ones. Am I right? There shouldn’t be a specific day to exhibit what we should be showing all along. For some reason though, this year, I am excited for it. I don’t ever buy things for Valentines Day. If anything, I make them. I went to A.C. Moore yesterday and bought everything I need to make a card (handmade paper scraps, cardstock, glue, etc) and I plan on making that for my husband as well as doing some things from the heart. I will post pictures of whatever it is I decide to do after Valentines Day comes and has already gone, so that way he won’t know what I’ve got planned. See babe? I’ve got it all figured out!



So, I suppose that’s the end of this morning’s rant. I hope you all had a laugh or two at my expense. It makes me smile.

Have a fabulous day everyone – and be blessed!



3 thoughts on “Broken Bones, Spelling Bees, and Illness – Oh My!

  1. alex21 says:

    It seems that she broke her wrist very bad.Did she have her cast cut off?Hope she feels better and she doesnt have any pain.


    • Sarah E. McCormick says:

      Thank you! She actually just got her second cast off yesterday, and she is feeling much better. She is still in a bit of pain when she tries to bend or move it too much, but that could also just be the stiffness from having her arm in the cast. The doctor said its healed nicely, so hopefully soon she will be completely pain free! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting! Have a great day!


      • alex21 says:

        I am glad to hear that she had her cast cut off.I know how painful it is breaking your wrist.I was in a cast too.I broke my wrist and thumb playing soccer.I had my third cast removed about 3 months ago.Did she choose the colour for her cast?Best wishes and take care.


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