Fun Recipe to Try: Hotdog & Spaghetti Squids

Many moms struggle with fussy eaters, and that’s why I wanted to share this super easy, fun recipe with you all today to give you the inspiration to get cooking, get your toddlers and young children involved (even my older kids love to make these!) and have fun while making something the kids will love and will certainly eat. Although I’m not a fan of the generic hot dog brands such as BallPark and others, I do happen to like Applegate Farms all natural, non-checmically laden and no filler approach to hot dogs and other meats. I buy mine from Super Target, and I know Publix also carries this line as well.

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Adorable Babies = Tears

Have you ever seen a baby and been brought to tears because you miss your children being little, or you just miss having a baby in general? Perhaps you haven’t been able to conceive yet, and the sight of babies moves you to tears. Regardless, babies are precious, wonderful, amazing creatures – and that was me just now. As I was sitting here, ready to begin an assignment for my normal blogging job (something else outside of blogging for fun – in fact, it’s a blogging job I’ve had for a skin care line) on my bed, I happened to glance at the TV – and saw the cutest, most adorable little baby on a Johnson & Johnson’s commercial. I teared up quick. I find myself doing that a lot lately.

I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have babies around anymore, and the youngest is now 10, or if I miss having a baby, or if babies in general just make me so happy I cry. I haven’t really figured it out yet. All I know is, babies make me cry.

I suppose some of that can be attributed to all three of those things, in equal parts. My question to you moms or moms to be is, does this happen to  you as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

My thought is, why do I have to be so darn sensitive??

P.S. Here is the commercial that made me cry! Have you seen it?