Pregnant With Number 5!

My, my, my, it’s been a while.

Not really sure how or why I stopped blogging here for a while like I did, but nonetheless, here I am – back with the juiciest update I’ve had to share with any and all moms who happen to follow and read my blog. After 11 years of having no babies around the house, and after having been told I couldn’t have any more children due to immense amounts of scar tissue and a plethora of female related problems, I wound up finding myself pregnant in June of 2015. Yes, indeed – despite what the doctor told me, despite what science said, and despite the fact that the doctor told me it would take a miracle from God before I would ever be able to conceive yet again, it happened! We weren’t trying, but we weren’t preventing, either. There really was no reason to prevent – I was on ‘Nature’s Birth Control’, so said the doctor. I was absolutely shocked and stunned to find, when I took two cheapie Dollar Store pregnancy tests, that I was in fact pregnant.

My first two positive pregnancy tests - we are having baby number 5!

My first two positive pregnancy tests – we are having baby number 5!

No matter how many times I’ve ever taken an at home pregnancy test, nothing could even come close to the shock I felt when I looked down and saw two lines move across the white background of the test so quickly. Never had I had a test provide me with such conviction that I was, in fact, expecting. The first person I called was my mom – she was the only one who I could talk to about it who could calm me down, even if just a little bit. I was hysterical and feeling every emotion imaginable in that moment. Once I got around to telling my husband, his response was, “What are we going to do with another baby now? All the kids are grown! We are just now getting to live our life and do more things together, and now this.” Needless to say, it took him a little bit of time to warm up to the idea, but once he did, he became as excited as I am.

At first we both wanted a girl. We had even had a name picked out – Emily. However, God had other plans! He blessed us with a baby boy, who I am now 30 weeks pregnant with today, and he will be named after his daddy – which will make him a 3rd. We are ridiculously excited and can’t wait to see his little face. I can’t wait to hold him.

Excitement aside, this has not been an easy pregnancy for me. On the contrary, I have had every symptom in the book with this pregnancy – from severe morning sickness, to anemia causing me to become extremely dizzy and the world to tip onto its side, to severe round ligament pain, sciatica, and excessive weight gain. After having lost so much weight before I got pregnant, I think the weight gain is the hardest part for me. However; I know I can and will lose it all once little man is here.

The scariest thing I’ve had to endure throughout this pregnancy was a Subchorionic Hemorrhage at 12 weeks along. Otherwise known as an SCH, a Subchorionic Hemorrhage or Hematoma is when the placenta tears away from the uterine wall and a blood clot forms in the space between the two. Either the blood clot will bleed out, presenting in heavy menstrual like bleeding, or re-absorb back into the body without any sign of blood loss or even having been there.

For me, it was the first scenario which came to play. After a trip to the ER which left me feeling hopeless – the doctor called it a threatened miscarriage – and then a trip to my Midwife’s office, I realized I would just have to play the wait and see game. It was the longest month of my entire life. The bleeding lasted for about 4.5 weeks, and then tapered off. During that time, I was on strict bed rest. I only got up to eat, use the bathroom, or get the kids from their bus stop/take them to their bus stop. I didn’t want to do anything that might cause any sort of harm. But luckily, we made it through – and here we are. He is perfectly healthy, measuring on track, and I am so blessed to be welcoming him into our lives and world.

God really is so very good to me.

Here are some pictures of me throughout my 5th pregnancy journey:





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