Currently Looking for Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews

I wanted to make a PSA of sorts announcing that I am currently looking for brands to engage with to write sponsored posts and reviews. Whether it be a sponsored post on the brand itself, or whether the brand would like to send goods for me/ my children or baby to review, I would be delighted.

I am currently looking for the following types of brands and items:

  • Children’s toys/games
  • Children’s clothing/shoes – baby boys (infant) or older preteens/teens
  • Feeding tools for baby
  • Teething items
  • Innovative baby gear
  • Innovative mom gear or gadgets that make momming easier
  • Unique items
  • New and up and coming brands
  • Established brands

Although my mom blog is on the newer side (well, really not really, it’s been in existence since the beginning of 2015, I believe) and I haven’t gotten many posts up as of yet, I can assure you I’ve got plenty of review experience. If you’d like, you can check out just some of the great and thorough reviews I have made on my beauty blog which I fell out of touch with last year at the beginning of my pregnancy. From there, I took a hiatus from blogging to focus on and enjoy what would be my final pregnancy – but alas, here I am – ready and willing to get into the groove of being a mom blogger – and I’m going full throttle!

I can be contacted via the ‘Contact Me’ tab on my blog menu.

I look forward to working with you!


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