Product Review: Quaker Steel Cut 3 Minute Oats in Cranberry & Blueberry

Hey everyone!

This will be my first food review, and I’m excited to be sharing it with you all!

Today’s review is going to be based around Quaker Steel Cut 3 Minute Oats in Cranberry and Blueberry.


NOTE: This is a sponsored post, however, this does not reflect my views or opinions of the product.

I belong to a website,, a product review website in which I receive various products to sample and review a few times a month. When I was asked if I wanted to take part in this review, of course I couldn’t say no! How could I? I am an oatmeal lover, and when it comes to steel cut oats – I’m obsessed. Next to Irish Oatmeal, it’s my favorite. When I heard they were releasing a brand new version – a quicker version – which incorporates all of the nutrition of the regular 20 minute steel cut oats, I was super excited and thought to myself, “let’s do this!”

I got my package in the mail yesterday, and included was a few coupons for the oats, as well as the product itself. It came in an 8 pack, which was perfect as I wanted my children to try it as well, and also for me to have a few extra days’ worth of oatmeal for myself. This morning, I put this product to the test.


What I noticed as soon as I heated the product up in the microwave was the amazing aroma that hit me in the face once I removed it from the microwave. It smelled sweet, hearty, and you could definitely smell the fruit. I was so excited to try my first bite!

Once I sat down with my bowl and took my first big bite, I analyzed the flavor, texture, and consistency, came up with the following findings.

I was instantly met with the hearty texture you would expect from a bowl of Quaker Steel Cut Oats, with the sweet, wholesome goodness of dried cranberries and blueberries. The instant the berries hit your tongue, you taste the tangy flavor they emit, followed by a burst of sweetness once you bite into them. The oats were remarkably similar to the longer cooking version, in a much faster time frame. Normally, steel cut oats require 20 minutes or so worth of cooking time in a pot on a stove. These oats cook up fast and furious in 3 minutes time, and provide all of the same nutritional qualities you would expect DSC04259from Quaker.

The sweetness was definitely there, but it wasn’t overpowering, which is important to me because I am constantly monitoring my sugar intake. I am predisposed to diabetes, as it runs prevalent within my family, and I want to make sure I keep up on good health and healthy eating habits (for many reasons).

I was completely satisfied after eating a bowl of these oats, and left feeling full – but a healthy full, not the kind of full you might feel after a bowl of sugary, unhealthy carb laden cereal.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family as a quick, healthy, delicious way to start the day – without a ton of sugar (only 12 grams). It’s perfect for busy moms on the go like me, who need a quick meal fix, but who want to give their family the best, healthiest foods possible. Breakfast doesn’t need to be boring anymore!

My 15 year old daughter tried it, and she also approves!

Mom tested, kid approved! Everybody wins.

Thanks to BzzAgent and Quaker Oats for making this fantastic taste test possible! I suggest everyone runs to the store and grabs a box or two for themselves and their family. This oatmeal also comes in Brown Sugar & Cinnamon!




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