Happy October!


sundown2.jpgHello mamas, Happy October, and I hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday!

Can you actually believe that it’s already October? I sure can’t. It seems as though this year has flown right on by. It feels like just yesterday I had my baby boy back in February, and it’s almost as if this year has just been put on fast forward all the way up until now.

October is such a fun month with so many fun things to do. There’s pumpkin carving, crafts, hayrides, leaves to rake and jump into, haunted houses, scarecrows to put together, and costumes to pick out or assemble. I’m especially excited about pumpkin spice coffee, cinnamon scented brooms, and hot chocolate. Lets not forget bonfires and fire pits!

Depending upon where you live, this month can also bring with it cooler temperatures and thus the long awaited sweater weather. Here in South Florida, there’s a fat chance of that happening. A girl can dream!

Each day for the next month, I plan on posting something October-ish (is that a word?) in lieu of the season. This will be in addition to my regular posts.

I hope October is as much fun for you as I know it will be for me!

Mamas, what plans do you have with your little ones this October? I’d love to hear about them in he comments!



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