Family Movie Night: Fall Classics to Watch Together

Fall is one of those seasons where it’s just so much fun to curl up on the couch with a plush throw blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, the kiddies scattered all around, and a family movie on the TV. I thought it would be fun to post a blog detailing some of my favorite fall family friendly movies. You may have heard of them, some may be family favorites of yours – and some might be brand new to you. I am going to categorize each movie with the appropriate age range I believe is acceptable for each movie – and keep in mind I am very conservative when it comes to what my kids watch.





Hocus Pocus – PG

My take: I believe it’s age appropriate for ages 7+due to thematic scenes

This family favorite became the face of the Halloween holiday back in the 1990’s, and has been just as popular ever since. Join Max, Dannie, and Alison as they hurry to send Winifred, Sarah, and Mary back from whence they came. This movie has some scary scenes for small children, such as zombies, a witch hanging, and a scene where they are attempting to cook the children. This movie is full of laughs, and gets everyone in the Halloween spirit!



Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie – Rated G

My take: Appropriate for children of all ages

Pooh Bear, Piglet and all of the friends of the  Hundred Acre Wood set out to do some trick-or-treating, as it’s Halloween – but Pooh finds himself in a sticky situation when he realizes he has eaten all of the candy! Roo sets out on a mission to save the day with a friend. This adorable family favorite will make preschoolers laugh and smile.


The Goonies – PG

My take: Appropriate for kids 8-10 and up

The Goonies. Every 80’s kid saw this movie at least 10 times within their childhood. The neighborhood kids are being forced to move away from each other due to a developer buying all of the properties, and they want to go on one last adventure and attempt to save their homes before its too late. Filled with plenty of adventure, and dramatic twists and turns, along with a few good belly laughs, this movie will have you saying, “Hey, you guys!” for a long time to come. Contains make-out scenes, and some potentially scary scenes such as skeletons and a scary looking man-creature, so it’s more suitable for the 8-10 range and up.



Homeward Bound – G

My take: Appropriate for children of all ages

This is one of those feel good movies that brings you back to your childhood, and has you rooting for the main characters every step of the way. Two dogs and a cat set out on a mission cross-country to find their owners, who have moved away without them. A heartwarming story that’s perfect for the whole family. Keep a box of tissues nearby for mom, as this one can be quite the tear jerker!




Paranorman  – PG

My take: Appropriate for kids 10 and up

Norman sees dead people. He is your average tween who just wants to fit in – but he’s got a job to do and some ghosts to help. This is a fun, animated comedy that children and adults alike will love. A fun newer Halloween movie for the family on a Friday night. Does contain a few bullying scenes. May be a little bit frightening for smaller children, but use your discretion.



Bedknobs and Broomsticks -G

My take: Appropriate for children, adults, and witches and wizards of all ages

This old school Disney classic takes you back – way back – to World War 1 in London. Three siblings find themselves displaced due to the war, and are sent to live in the countryside with an old woman who just so happens to be a witch until the war subsides. They take many interesting journeys and have lots of fun adventures together. There are also plenty of laughs and smiles to be had with this family classic. Appropriate for all ages.



Casper – PG

My take: Appropriate for kids 8 and up

Casper is one of those movies I could watch over and over again as a little kid, and it never got old. The movie chronicles the story of a girl named Kat who moves into a supposedly haunted mansion with her ghost hunter father. He is on a mission to contact his late wife, and Kat is on a mission to make friends and fit in. She finds a best friend and even a first love in the most unexpected way. Casper is a feel good family movie and is perfect for the Halloween season. There is a bit of mild language involved and some scary images, and that’s why I think this movie is appropriate for kids 8 and up.



It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown -G

My take: Appropriate for kids of all ages

This cute nostalgic flick makes the fall season a little bit more special each year. Many families wait for this special to air on TV, while others just opt for buying it on DVD. Regardless, this adorable movie features the beloved Snoopy character, alongside Charlie Brown. Linus, Charlie’s friend, is determined to wait for the Great Pumpkin – because what’s Halloween without it? This one is perfect for the whole family, and kids of all ages.



Nightmare Before Christmas -PG

My take: Appropriate for ages 8 and up

From the mind of Tim Burton comes Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. He is in charge of, year after year, bringing to life (or death, dare I say) the festivities of Halloween Town. He questions his purpose and realizes there must be something more. After some searching, he finds there is something known as Christmas, and everything changes. This movie is not only great for Halloween, it’s also perfect for Christmas as well! Pretty much every 90’s kid saw this at least once. I believe this one could be frightening for smaller children, so kids 8+ should be okay to watch.



Monster House – PG

My take: Appropriate for kids of all ages

Monster House is a bit newer, but it sure is a great movie with just a bit of mystery to make it fun for the Halloween season. It follows two friends who have suspicions about the house across the street being ‘alive’. Supposedly, kids have disappeared within it, never to be seen again. Old man Nebercracker sure is mean, and kids don’t dare to venture onto his lawn. But why? Find out in this awesome family flick just perfect for fall. Appropriate for kids of all ages.



Coraline – PG

My take: Appropriate for kids 9 and up

Coraline is probably the creepiest movie on this list, in my opinion, but it sure is one of my favorites for this time of year. This story follows a blue haired girl who moves with her writer parents from Michigan to Oregon to the Pink Palace Apartments, where it rains almost all of the time. She is completely unhappy with her life and her parents inattentiveness, and finds her way through a porthole into an alternate reality where she has ‘other’ parents and everyone has button eyes. Controlled by the ‘other mother’, everyone tries to convince Coraline to stay in their world and never go back to reality. There are many twists, turns, and creepy scenes to last you throughout the Halloween season with this one. It watches like a Tim Burton movie, and will surely stand out to you as one of the best family movies of the Halloween season. Due to some scary scenes, I think it’s age appropriate for kids 9 and up.



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