Hurricane Preparation & Other Ramblings

Hello Everyone! Good Afternoon, and Happy Tuesday!

So, the Governor of Florida has called for a State of Emergency due to the approaching Category 4 Hurricane.

We haven’t seen a storm this strong since Hurricane Charley back in 2004, and I was here to witness it first hand. We took a direct hit where I live. It was quite literally one of the scariest things I’ve ever been through. There was so much devastation and loss. Granted, it was very exciting, but incredibly terrifying. With sustained winds of 140+ mph and tornadoes spawning every few minutes inside this monster storm, it’s something I won’t soon forget.

So, with that being said, here’s a current picture of what we’re dealing with:


Photo courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

My husband went out to get some gallons of water just for us to drink – not even to stock up on yet – and literally all the waters are gone off the shelf. This isn’t just here though, this is happening all over Florida! I have friends from all around the state telling me that the water is all sold out. Que flashback of Hurricane Charley 2004.

Seriously though, it’s pretty incredible to think we’re about to be dealing with this yet again.

In other news, have you guys heard about the insane number of clown sightings all around the country? Like, this clown business is getting way out of control. There have been people attacked by these clowns, there’s clown social media accounts surfacing, there are threats being made to school children, and some of these clowns show up weilding weaponry of all sorts. I don’t feel safe. That’s just another reason to get my license to carry. There won’t be a second thought if I need to protect my children or myself.

Halloween is coming up so quickly! What are your babies going to dress up as this year? I haven’t gotten my kids costumes picked out as of yet. We did check out Spirit Halloween, and I’m not too impressed with their selection. I like Halloween City better but they weren’t open when I had gone to Spirit Halloween; maybe this week.

Tomorrow the baby has some pretty serious tests being run. He’s having a cranial ultrasound due to the presence of very swollen glands for the past 1.5 months now. Nothing is making them go away or get any smaller; in fact, they have gotten bigger. Not only that, but we had to wait 2 weeks for this appointment – which has felt like forever to me, because my sweet baby can’t even rest properly. He screams if he lays on the back of his head, and sometimes even the sides.

He’s been sleeping on my chest at night, which is getting more and more difficult because he weighs about 16 lbs now. Not much, but a lot when he stays stationary all night. And tonight, I found a lump in the center of the back of his head that has never been there before. Needless to say, I am freaking out. I’ve been a nervous wreck. I’ve cried a lot tonight, and I can’t seem to stop worrying or thinking about it. I know I need to trust that God has this all under control and that everything is going to be fine; it’s just so hard to let go of fear sometimes.

I am going to head to bed, because this mama has had enough for one day.

Have a great night, everyone, and I will see you all tomorrow!



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