Giveaway Coming Soon + Other Fun Updates


Good Evening, Friends!

I hope everyone is doing fantastic tonight. As much as I have going on in my crazy, busy days, I can never stay away from here for too long. I miss writing when I’m away and I miss all of my readers!

With that being said, I wanted to share some exciting news with you all – I am going to be hosting a special giveaway for one lucky mom! This giveaway will open within the next week, and I will make it very simple to enter. But, there is going to be something required of you in order to enter – I promise, it will be easy and fun for you! I know it will be fun for me as well. I know this sounds a bit vague, but trust me. It’ll be great! If you followed me here from my beauty blog, you already know I host some amazing giveaways. This one will be no exception!

Also, something I’m super excited about – I have been contacted by some incredible companies who would like me to test/review some of their products. I have to admit, I’m so stoked to be able to try some of these products out and share my experiences with each product with all of you. Of course, I will definitely be reviewing products I already own, but the fact that these companies have reached out to me gives them precedence over any personal review I will write. As always, as with my beauty blog, I will always be 200% honest with every review I write. If I love something, I will be sure you know about it. If there’s a product I don’t particularly care for, or flat out just don’t like, I will explain why. I keep my reviews real, fair, and honest.

Needless to say, my blog is on a roll – and I’m gaining new followers and receiving e-mails daily! I am so incredibly happy that I have such amazing followers and that so many of my friends from my beauty blog have made the decision to come on over here to my mom blog and follow along. I love engaging and interacting with my followers, so please – never hesitate to leave comments, as I do talk back!

I suppose that’s all for now – tomorrow, stay tuned for a couple of really interesting posts, plus – I will be posting yet another amazing fall recipe, so stick around!



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