Blogging and Tea Time


Good Afternoon, Friends

I hope this Tuesday finds you well, and that you are all in good spirits and good health.

So, I spent the last 4 – possibly 5, I have lost track of time – days incredibly sick with the flu. It has been completely miserable to say the very least. I am on the tail end of the illness now, or very close to it, and I am so ready to feel better. From the stuffy nose, to the incredibly sore throat, to the coughing and burning pain in my lungs, the watery eyes and burning forehead, and achy body and beyond, I am ready to be over it all already and feel like myself again. I am lucky though, because I had managed to stay healthy for so long since the last time I had been sick. And seriously, even if I had a worst enemy, I wouldn’t wish this upon them. I feel (or, did) like death warmed over!

Amazingly enough, I’ve managed to keep the baby from getting it – thank the Lord! Breastfeeding really does safeguard babies against all illness! He does seem to have a but of a stuffy nose, but I am thinking that’s just due to teething – and he’s had it for the past week now. No fever, no cough, just a bit stuffy. This mama is happy!

So, due to being sick, I took a few days to just rest up. I hardly touched my phone at all and I certainly wasn’t online on my computer at all. Today is the first day I’ve felt well enough to sit up and get some things done, so here I am! I’ve got some hot tea by my side and a comfy sweater on, relaxing while the baby sleeps.

Today, the kids and I are to be excitedly screening a movie for a review! I was contacted by an amazing woman at a well known movie production company who asked if I would be interested in doing so, and obviously I wasn’t going to say no! So stay tuned for that tomorrow!I will be bringing you the review this week – and I have a surprise coming in relation to this review as well, so stay tuned for that.

Also, I have not forgotten about the giveaway and product reviews which I had spoken about last week! I will also get to those.

Today is the first cool day we have seen in South West Florida since May 27th! I was too excited to wake up and experience the crispy fall air this morning. Even though I was sick as could be when I woke up, I couldn’t contain the excitement of quickly making my way outside with the baby and seeing his face as he experienced his first burst of cool fall air. It was dawn, and everything looked gray – just like a real fall day like when I was growing up in N. England. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and close my eyes for a minute, and just smile and breathe. Ah, the small things in life.

I’m going to take care of some errands and appointments. I hope to bring you another fall themed post later on this evening. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Blogging and Tea Time

  1. Valerie says:

    ((hugs)) Sorry you’ve been ill, but it’s so great that your little one didn’t get it!! Gotta live breastfeeding!! Looking forward to your reviews and giveaways. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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