Blogging from Bed

Hi friends! Bella Notte!

I am laying in bed, coming live to you from the courtesy of my phone. I love the fact that I don’t need to always pull out the laptop and I can just write wherever, whenever. 

I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow starts the beginning of my awesome mom basket giveaway! I know I had mentioned a giveaway to you last week, and here I am to make good on that. I have hand selected brand new items from my own personal collections and I will be including them in a basket of sorts to giveaway to one lucky mother.

Now, trust me when I say this is a high dollar, amazing, awesome, incredible pamper-yourself-silly giveaway. Like I’ve said before, I know how to host a great giveaway! Just check out my beauty blog for proof – not that it’s needed! You are most definitely going to want to enter this one, mamas! One lucky winner will be indulging in luxury products that only a mom could truly appreciate. Stay tuned for details tomorrow!

I also wanted to make mention that my blog shattered its own record today! That makes me incredibly happy. So happy, in fact, that I am willing to share the numbers with you.

Today, I had:

240 Visitors, 462 post views, 40 likes and 19 comments. You guys rock! I’m so serious. I thank you all. I love you ladies.

I am traveling tomorrow, and I also have a couple conference calls with a couple major companies who’ve reached out looking for a professional writer, but I will bring you more on that tomorrow.

Well, I am gonna hit the hay. Talk to all of you amazing ladies tomorrow.  Goodnight!




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