Movie Review: The Hybrids Family + GIVEAWAY

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Tonight, I have an exciting review to bring you. I was contacted by a  woman named Elisabeth from Vision Films. Vision Films joined forces with Sony Pictures to create this family friendly Halloween movie for families everywhere this Halloween season.

About The Movie


Velana and Blaz

Meet Velana and Blaz – a brother and sister who also just so happen to be the world’s very first hybrid witch and vampire combo! Their mom, Valentina, a witch, and dad, Todor, a vampire, have always tried their best to keep the children locked away from the real world – until one day, when Blaz decides enough is enough, and that he wants to experience life as a normal teenager, in the real world, outside of living in the castle he calls home. When he tells Velana about his plan to leave, despite what his mom and dad think, she thinks it’s a bad idea – until he coaxes her out of her shell and helps her realize there is more than meets the eye to the world. After all, how bad could it really be on the outside?


Valentina, Todor, and Aradia in Italy

Valentina and Todor have their work cut out for them when threats of their children’s safety begin to surface as an evil mastermind, whom Valentina had previously placed a curse on, is set to kidnap their children and cause them great harm. The situation gets sticky when Valentina tells Todor that they need to travel to Italy to visit her mother – Aradia, also a witch – whom Todor quite openly despises as much as she despises him. It gets even more complicated when the Count, played by Paul Sorvino – you may know him from Goodfellas as ‘Paulie’  who is also Todor’s father, needs to step in and mend his differences with Aradia in order to save the children.

Meanwhile, Blaz has set his sights on attending film school in Palm Beach, Florida, where he meets and falls in love with Maria, and Velana wants to become a recording artist, while working like a normal teenage girl in a small, quaint cafe. While Blaz is busy falling in love and attending film school, and Velana is working at the first cafe she barely needed to apply at, they have no idea of the perils that surround their safety and existence.

In the end, the victory belongs to good – not evil. Goodness will always prevail – well, at least it does in this movie. The Count and Aradia reconcile their differences in a big way – and Blaz and Maria find love sees no boundary – not even when the issue at hand is as big as being a vampire hybrid. The ultimate lesson to be learned from this movie is that love conquers all.

My Take On The Movie

First and foremost – I was very excited for the opportunity to be able to screen this film in its early existence with my kids as one of the very few and first to see the film. That is always exciting! What a fun way to spend a Monday night. I liked the movie well enough, for what it was. Typically, I’m not much a fan of vampire/witch themed movies – I grew out of those long ago – but I thought this would be a fabulous opportunity and so I agreed to participate. I was pleasantly surprised in the end, though. The movie definitely does have some positive messages to behold.

To me, this movie can certainly be watched with the family; however, I would like to warn you that a few minutes after the opening scene, there is a scene that I consider to be extremely violent involving a baseball bat, vampire teeth, and physical fighting. I would not recommend letting small children watch this scene. It happens around the time Blaz is walking down the sidewalk and is approached by a vehicle.

When I heard that the movie had been given The Dove Foundation’s Seal of Approval, I was impressed. It received this award because it promotes cultural diversity and acceptance – something that we need now more than ever before.

Director Tony Randel says: “The script for The Hybrids Family came to me at the exact time I was learning to say goodbye to my children’s childhood and send them off to college and their futures. It’s a melancholy, bittersweet moment for any parent but one that needs to be met gracefully as children leave their youth and embrace their hopeful futures. This is the story I wanted to tell.”

Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff says: “Vampire, witches and warlocks—oh my! Perfect for young viewers who want to experience a fantasy world that speaks to their own real-life challenges in a meaningful, entertaining way. And perfect for parents looking for upbeat appropriate films to watch with the whole family.”

I believe this movie could very well be interpreted exactly as Mr. Randel wanted it to be  – one where we, as parents, need to be more accepting of the things our children want to do and be – and let go of the old theory that we should dictate what our children aim to be in life. I believe every child has dreams and hopes of their own, and do need to be allowed to explore those dreams and hopes one at a time on their own time. Sometimes, we as parents must offer love, kindness, and guidance and let our children lead the way as they grow.

Overall, the movie is perfect HD quality, has amazing sound quality, and I adore the opening credits – very Tim Burton-ish. I would give this movie a 7/10 star rating.

The Hybrids Family is now available for purchase here  and for rent or purchase here.

I saved the best for last:

Enter to win a DVD copy of your own The Hybrids Family for keeps! That’s right, I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy to give away to one of my lucky readers and I want to share it with you! The contest runs for one week from today and is open to all residents of the USA. Vision pictures will ship the DVD out to you directly, so you will need to provide me with your address to give to my contact, and she will ship your DVD out to you! Good luck and enjoy!



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