My Mommy Must Haves

As a mom, there are products that I’ve come to absolutely love and adore, and just cannot see myself doing without. Tonight, I thought I’d elaborate on just some of those products a bit. As a mom of 5, I’ve learned there are products which are nice to have just to look at, and then there are those which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional, too. All of the products I am going to speak about tonight are both attractive and functional. I don’t like to waste money, and I’m sure you don’t either – so let’s get to it, shall we?

Boppy Pillow – $40


My Boppy Pillow has made breastfeeding a breeze. We can’t nurse without it. I purchased mine with the slipcover seen in this picture, and if you buy it slipcovered, it does cost about $10 more – but believe me, it’s an investment worth making if you breastfeed, and even if you don’t. You see, not only is this a nursing pillow, but you can also use it to bottle feed your baby comfortably, or you can use it to lay baby back on (but not to sleep), sit them propped with, or even use it to help support tummy time and neck strengthening. This pillow can be used till baby is 1 and beyond.


Infantino Breathe Baby Carrier – $30 when I bought it, now $15 at Target


My Infantino Baby Carrier is a lifesaver and has been from the start when Richi was finally able to come home from the NICU. I had always heard of baby wearing, but it wasn’t something I had ever done before. When I bought this baby carrier, I was super excited to try it out. Granted, I really wanted a Moby wrap, but I wasn’t too excited about paying $60 for an extra long piece of fabric with some elasticity, so I went with the Infantino Baby Carrier. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the product. Not only is it super easy to put on and adjust, but he absolutely loves being close by me when I get housework done. The best part? Wearing it at the grocery store. Baby can be close by you while you shop, and chances are likely baby will sleep facing inward, and when they are older, be super excited to face outward and see the world.


Graco Travel System – Snugride Carseat/Base, Pace Click Connect Stroller in Pipp- $200 (I had the product pictures to the right – both the stroller and car seat + base)


Graco has always been one of my most trusted brands in baby gear, and that’s why it wasn’t a difficult choice for us to choose from the Graco line at Target this time around. We pretty much immediately settled on the Snugride Carseat with base, and the Pace Click Connect stroller in Pipp, which is a grey/white motif, very boyish for our little man. The carseat has cushioning for small newborn’s heads, and fits from a 5 lb to a 24 lb baby. The great thing about this system is that it works together, hence the ‘Click Connect’ system. The baby carrier simply clicks into place within the stroller until baby is big enough to hold their head up, in which case you won’t need to hook the carseat into the stroller, and baby can sit up in the stroller itself.

This stroller has a 5 point harness for the ultimate in safety, and strap guards to protect baby’s neck. I love the maneuverability of the3 wheel system as opposed to the older models I had with my other kids, that simply had 4 wheels. As a bonus, the stroller is uber simple to fold up one handed with a baby on your hip, and weighs next to nothing – as does the baby carrier/car seat.


Infantino Go Gaga Deluxe Jungle Gym for Tummy Time – $40


I bought this Infantino Jungle Gym when my son’s physical therapist suggested I should get something to get him to want to lay on his back more – he had torticollis and plagiocephaly as a result of his NICU stay – and this Infantino mat did just the trick. He loved batting at the animals that dangled overhead before he knew how to flip, and now that he does know how to flip, I can attach the animals to the mat itself, giving him something to play with when he does roll and flip all over the mat. I love how the colors are bright and colorful, and our favorite animal on the mat is the lion. I like to detach him and fly him through the air as it makes baby Richi laugh, while I say, ‘Flyin’ Lion!’ I think this was a great investment because he gets lots of use out of it, and it keeps him occupied long enough for me to make my bed and get things picked up and straightened out in my bedroom.


Munchkin Fresh Food Grinder – $10


The Munchkin Fresh Food grinder allows you to take fresh fruits or cooked meats and puree them into food that’s fit for a baby. If you’re like me and love offering your little one fresh cooked steamed or baked veggies or fresh cut fruits, this tool is a lifesaver. It’s incredibly easy to use, takes no batteries, and lasts, I had one with my 12 year old when he was a baby, and I loved it just as much then. This also allows you to take items you are eating at the table yourself as baby grows, and puree them for baby so they can try new foods. I like to use breast milk in making the pureed fruits and veggies as it adds those ultra important calories my baby so desperately needs, plus – it gives the food a smoother texture. You can also use water from the pot from boiling or steaming veggies to smooth out the puree.


The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm – $12.95


This organic healing balm which can be found here, although it isn’t scented and really doesn’t smell pleasant (but doesn’t smell bad, either) works wonders. The Honest Company already won me over when I first had Richi with their adorable diaper prints. I tried them, and I love them. But, when I gave this healing balm a try for his diaper rash he came home with from the NICU (he wasn’t changed as often as I would have changed him, sadly) this stuff cleared it right up where Desitin and A&D failed. I would recommend this product to any mom looking for something that works. This isn’t just for diaper rash, though! This can be used for dry skin, burns, bites, and more.


Baby Nose Frida – $19 (for the whole kit)


So, I got my Baby Nose Frida on a ridiculously good deal because someone decided to mark the price wrong in Walgreens. Worked out for me, though, as I got the entire kit – the hose, and extra filters plus saline spray for $5.95! The woman at the front said it’s store policy to give it for the priced marked, even though I was ready and willing to pay the real price for it. Nonetheless, I think it works as great as or better than a regular bulb syringe. The reason I like it better, though, is because you can see what you’re getting out. With bulb syringes, you really can’t see what or how much mucous has come out. (Not to mention…germs. Eww. Not many people think to clean them after use.) Little man hates the Nose Frida far more than he hates the regular bulb syringe, though. I like the fact that it came with saline spray, which is all natural and works with the Nose Frida itself. I think it’s well worth the price because if you have a sick or teething baby – congestion is something you don’t want to play around with – especially since babies can’t breathe out of their mouths until they are around 6 months or so.


Dapple Bottle Wash – $4.99


This stuff is amazing. Made from plant ingredients and safe for baby, the Dapple bottle wash isn’t just for bottles – you can use it for baby’s bowls, spoons, pacifiers, pump parts, baby toys, and more. I think this dish soap gets the dishes far cleaner and removes more impurities from the pump parts and bottles than any other dish soap I’ve used. All of baby man’s things come out squeaky clean. It’s unscented and gentle on mama’s hands, too.


Dreft Baby Detergent – $10.99


Simply put, I love Dreft. Not only does it contain that delicious newborn baby smell, but it cleans baby’s clothes effectively and ensures no breakouts or rashes happen due to harsh chemicals. I have trusted Dreft for all of my children’s clothes – and here I am, 5 kids and 17 years later, still a fan.


Boogie Wipes (Unscented)- $4.00


I recently gave these a try and asked myself, where have you been all my parenting life? I love these! They have a simple saline solution in them which will help remove any stuck on boogies, food, or even drool from their little faces – and are great to keep in the diaper bag while out and about. A pack lasts a while.


Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes – $1.99/pack



Because I’m a germ freak. No, seriously.


Nursing Happens Nursing Scarf – $30


I really, really like this nursing scarf. It wears like an infinity scarf, and unfolds to turn into this. I actually used my Pampers Rewards points to buy it, but it has since been replaced on the Pampers Rewards program by something else as they constantly change up the selection of goodies. I do know that this particular Chevron white/grey infinity scarf is carried by Target for $30. It makes nursing on the go so incredibly easy. I will say that it works far better for smaller babies – from around age newborn till 4 or 5 months, respectively. Now that Richi is exceptionally long (27.5 inches, to be exact) it’s become a bit of a challenge to get him to fit comfortably within the confines of the privacy of the scarf – and he’s begun to get a bit irritated with it, if I’m being honest. But, hey – it does the job while sitting in the dentist office for the kids appointments, or when sitting in the parking lot for a feeding before grocery shopping.











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