Just Breathe



20161026_124115-1Yesterday I heard one of my favorite songs come on the radio as I was driving home from baby boy’s doctor appointment. ‘Breathe, just breathe,’ sang the voice on the radio. I have been a fan of the song since the very first time I heard it, but never really took time to realize just how much that song summarizes my life.

I am that person that’s going 90 miles an hour all day, every day, lately. I never get breaks or downtime. Granted I do get a few minutes here and there to eat or use the restroom, but sometimes, something as simple as a shower needs to wait a day. I can’t explain why everything in life seems to have taken an extreme uptick in go-mode, only that it has. Perhaps its because I have a million things going on with the baby, and so many different appointments to get to all the time, or things to do here at home, or places to bring the kids, and et cetera. Either way, this song speaks my life perfectly.

Here it is, for those who want to hear it:

It’s funny – only just a couple weeks ago, I was in Bealls Outlet and bought a sign that said the same to hang on the wall. ‘Just Breathe’ it reads. I look at it often, in times where I am sitting in my room feeding the baby or when I am laying down to go to sleep. How many of us really just don’t have the time to just breathe these days? I know for my husband and myself, that’s been the case for a while now. I miss the simplistic days where I could relax with a cup of coffee or tea and just put my feet up, or watch a movie without having to shut it off after 10 minutes because I have to be somewhere. I need some me time.

Simply put, I need to make time to have time for self. I think it’s really important. Not away from the baby, or my family – that’s not what I mean. Just, make time to just be at peace, at home, and relax.

I am open to ideas and suggestions as to how to go about that. Thoughts are welcome in the comments section!


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