Mom Shaming – I wrote a post on this back in September but today, I wanted to touch base  on the topic again since it’s such an important one. I don’t believe I had given any examples of what exactly I meant or was talking about in my previous post regarding the same topic, so today I wanted to take a few minutes to do so.

Mom Shaming is often times something we are all subjected to as mothers. In a recent poll conducted by popular parenting and pregnancy app Mom.Life, 79.2% of moms have been mom shamed – and of those, 67.23% were actually shamed by other mothers. Shame on us. Shame on all of us. Because let’s face it – at some point or another, if we are being 100% honest with ourselves, we have all been judgmental over another mother’s decision making process. We have all either pointed a finger,sniveled, or sneered at a mom’s decision because it was different from our own. Who are we to judge? Closed-minded fools, that’s who.

I vow to be one of the many moms who are going to put a stop to the mom shaming. I’m all about the #StopMomShaming movement from here on out. Nobody will ever hear anything negative come out of my mouth about another mother’s decision for her baby or children, no matter how different what she is doing from what my own opinion or way of doing things may be. Even if it bothers me, it’s not up to me – it’s her choice. Every mother is doing what is best for her baby, and her family. We all are.

I’m in no way a perfect mom. Not even a little bit. But I have a ton of experience, and I have been a mom for 17+ years. I have learned a lot of things along the way. I have experienced failure through trial and error. And I have also experienced finding what works for me and our family. I would be pretty perturbed to say the least if someone decided that my decisions as a mom were impacting their lives so greatly that they lost sleep over it, and decided they just couldn’t wait to let me know what they think about me or my choices.

I co-sleep. I breastfeed. I cloth & disposable diaper my baby. I feed my children organic and non-organic foods. I give my children goldfish and the little cheddar bunnies. My kids don’t drink from the tap, we buy bottled water. I feed my baby solids. I occasionally am that glam mom but most of the time, I’m the mom wearing mom jeans and a comfy shirt. I have learned to master the art of the messy bun. I will probably have chipped nail polish if I ever run into you on the street, if I have any on at all, because I never have time to remove it once it begins chipping or to paint them anymore, anyway. And if I do have some on, then, hey – at least I have some on at all – and that has to count for something. I might have one leg shaved because I had to jump out of the shower and attend to a screaming baby. That’s better than where I started! At least some progress has been made. I’ve had 4 vaginal births and 3 epidurals. I have had one c-section. I give MAJOR props to moms who go through c-sections repeatedly because it’s excruciating and quite honestly, one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. And for the record, that ridiculous picture floating around the internet about c-section moms never really having delivered a baby at all, and that they ‘took the easy way out’, can literally crawl inside my pants and kiss my bum. My child is here. I birthed him, whether through c-section, or not. And I earned every last bit of the title, ‘Mama’, yet again.

You see, I probably listed something above in that last paragraph that some mom somewhere would shake her head at, and point her finger and say, ‘Nope, that wouldn’t be me’ or, ‘HAHA, wow, really? That’s embarrassing.’But guess what? I don’t really care. I am here to live my life however I feel comfortable, and to raise my children to the best of my ability. I pushed them out of my vagina. And I also had one cut from my stomach. I make the rules. Just as you make the rules for your own children.

We are ALL mothers. We should ALL unite.


Just DO it.





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