Review: Sprout Organic Veggie & Fruit Squeezable Snacks

Tonight, I will be reviewing two individual flavors of Sprout Organic Veggie & Fruit Squeezable Snacks. One is in Carrot & Tropical Fruit flavor, and the other is in Butternut Squash, Strawberry and Acai flavor. The kind folks over at Sprout sponsored this review, and I can’t thank them enough for sending out two full boxes of each flavor for my kiddos and I to try and enjoy!


I was super excited to receive these boxes of deliciousness, as I am always on the lookout for new snacks for the kids and I – and healthy ones are my top priority. Not only that, but organic is my food of choice as often as possible – especially for my not-so-little ones. To me, accepting the offer to work on a sponsored post for them was a no brainer. Of course I would! And anytime I can include the kids on a review, it makes things so much more fun for me.

First up, I tried the Carrot & Tropical Fruit flavored pouch. I was actually pretty hungry at the time, and I was craving something sweet – so what better way to curb that hunger and sweet tooth than with this pouch of deliciousness, right? Well…so I thought. It wasn’t love at first sip, I’m afraid. I wanted so bad to love this…but quite honestly, I just didn’t. The texture felt wrong, the pouch had an aftertaste, and it just wasn’t enjoyable to me.

I tried a pouch in the fridge later on (the first one was room temp, so I thought maybe that was the problem) but alas, it was just as un-tasty as the first pouch. Regardless, I finished them because I thought it not very nice to waste the product. The kids weren’t terribly sold on this flavor, either. They seemed to like it a great deal better than I did though – and for that, I was happy. Amber loved the honey you could taste as a high note, and the tropical fruit flavors. Marcus liked ‘the whole thing,’ as he put it, but didn’t love it. Alex really liked the fruit flavors as well. Personally, I found the carrot flavor overpowering – and carrots just aren’t one of my favorites. Also, the honey was a bit overbearing for my taste.

I so wanted the next box to be better. So, the next day, I gave it a try.

I’m excited to say we all loved the Butternut Squash, Strawberry, and Acai flavor! It was a total win!

The flavors mingled together very well. The texture was perfect. There was nothing which overpowered one flavor over the other, and there was no terrible aftertaste like the first pouch had left. When we had all finished our pouches, the kids had asked me if there were any more. Unfortunately, there was not because we drank them all! But I do intend on buying some more for absolute certain. You can find Sprout products at Target for $4.99 per 3 pack. Is it worth the cost? Absolutely – at least, the Butternut Squash, Strawberry, and Acai flavor is. And they’re organic, for those of you who find that to be important.

I want to mention a very important health aspect: these pouches in no way should be used for baby food, as they contain raw honey. Honey should not be given to babies under the age of 1 due to the risk of infant botulism and allergy. However; Sprout DOES make baby food and food for toddlers as well! 

My hope is that the next time you head to Target, that you’ll pick up your own box of Sprout to try. They are great to toss in the diaper bag for a quick snack for mom on the go, so you don’t need to make any unhealthy pit stops at McDonalds on the way to where you’re going. They’re also great after school snacks, and you can even get them nice and cold in the fridge to take along on long car rides.

Have a great night, everyone!

Visit Sprout on the web:

Thanks to Sprout Organics for making this review possible!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review post, however any and all opinions within this review are strictly and expressly my own, and have in no way been influenced by any third party. #GotItFree #Sponsored





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