Review: o’Sweet Tee Boutique

Good Evening, lovely ladies!



Tonight, I am showcasing this little gem of a store I found on Etsy, the O’Sweet Tee Boutique.

Brittany Knight, owner of the cute and cleverly named shop, is a mom of 3 adorable little girls, and resides in Florida with her husband, who just so happens to be her high school sweetheart. She was the owner of a spa for the past 9 years, but recently decided it was time to follow her dreams, which was to, as she puts it, ‘create fun clothing!’ She sold the spa and then the O’Sweet Tee Boutique was born in 2015. Way to go, Brittany, for following your dreams and making them a reality!

While browsing around her store, I found so many adorable t-shirts, onesies, and other items that I just couldn’t help but send her a message and let her know how adorable her items were. She has tees available for girls, boys, newborns, and more.  The phrases on the tee’s made me smile, while the baby and children models she has up on her page were so absolutely adorable to look at. When I contacted her, she so kindly offered to send an item out for review. When I received my package I anticipated so greatly, I was pleasantly surprised to find not only one, but two items within the box! I was elated. I couldn’t wait to try them on Baby Richi and let him shine in all his cute glory.

These are the two tees Ms. Brittany so kindly sent to Baby Richi and I:


So stinkin’ cute!

I was in love with the fabric because it’s so soft, and the fit was great. I normally wash every piece of clothing before it touches Richi’s skin, but I wasn’t worried about that with these tees because they were brand new, clean, and so soft.


Holy cuteness overload, Batman! Does my little guy melt your heart, or what?!

Yeah. He’s a mama’s boy. And I am quite biased. I’m allowed. Shush.

This tee can be found here. It does run a bit big, but I’m not complaining! More room for baby guy to fit in it for a longer period of time. This shirt is a size 6M but fits more like a 9 month tee. It’s a breeze to wash, just flip it inside out and toss it into the washer in cold water. Also, you should hang or lay flat to dry as the lettering is made of vinyl and can peel if not properly cared for. Simple enough!

dsc06971This year, for his very first Thanksgiving, he now has his own special keepsake shirt to wear for the occasion. I think I’m going to pair it with the new plaid shirt and jeans his daddy bought him yesterday. The colors will go together so nicely. I will just leave the shirt unbuttoned so this gorgeous print can shine through. This shirt is 9 months and fits very true to size. You can find it here and I suggest placing your order quickly, because Thanksgiving is literally only 19 days away. Ohmygosh. Time is flying! And I’m sure this one is going to sell out.

My little sweet pea loves his new shirts, and I will absolutely be purchasing some things for Richi from the O’Sweet Tee Boutique very soon. It’s almost time to do some more baby clothes shopping! Eek!

Brittany makes custom shirts as well, and can rush orders with notice and a small fee. She ships within 1-7 business days, and sends pictures of custom orders to each customer to ensure their satisfaction before shipping. She is happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

Thank you, Brittany, and I look forward to working together again in the future! Thank you for making this post possible.

Visit The O’Sweet Tee Boutique here:


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post; however, any and all opinions I have stated within this post are my own, and have in no way been influenced by a third party. I received these items free in exchange for an honest review.



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