Overnight EEG

This past week, Baby Richi and I spent 24 hours in the our local Children’s Hospital – Healthpark/Golisano for an overnight EEG to get a better look into the convulsions/facial spasms he has been experiencing since he was born. They have been getting increasingly worse, and more frequent.


Richi all hooked up to the EEG


It was incredibly difficult to say the least. It was so hard having to watch him, yet again, be held down, have these electrodes applied to his little head, and be taped up like this with the netting. The tech said it wouldn’t hurt him to apply the electrodes, but I beg to differ. He screamed so hard I thought he was going to pass out. I thought maybe it was just because he was annoyed and over being held down yet again, but when the electrodes were removed the following day, I realized it was because he was actually hurting and in pain that he was screaming.


As you can see in this picture, which was from the following morning, he has bruising all over his head. Not just on his forehead, but all over his entire head. This made me so incredibly sad and hurt my heart so much!


Watching Elmo’s World while we wait for the doctor

On the plus side, when we saw his Neurologist who showed up at the hospital bright and early, she said after a quick scan of the EEG she didn’t see any abnormalities whether he was asleep, awake, or otherwise – so this was a fantastic sign. It doesn’t mean that he isn’t epileptic, but that his chances of not being are good. She is going to review the EEG thoroughly and we will be going over that on November 17th when he has his follow up appointment. I will be so thankful to get to the bottom of this at least, while we wait to see or figure out what exactly is going on with his lymph nodes.

I found another swollen node in his neck in a different location yesterday. Not sure if it’s attributed to the EEG placement, or if there’s something going on that correlates with the swollen lymph nodes we are already dealing with – but something is definitely going on there. We, still, have yet to have blood work done. *Sigh* I am sick and tired of playing a waiting game with this doctor of his. If, when we return for his 9 month checkup this month, the nodes still haven’t gone down, and the doctor decides against the blood work even still, I will be finding a new pediatrician. Regardless of the fact that my children have gone to him for the past 10 years, I don’t appreciate the game playing or the waiting around. I am a very pro-active mama and I want to do something about whatever this is that’s going on right now. I don’t want to play ‘wait and see’. I want to know now.

Aside from this overnight stay, he has had a feeding study done this week, and was supposed to have an aspiration study done as well this week – that I showed up to, at the same hospital, an hour away from my house, mind you – only for me to find out the appointment was cancelled as the speech therapist he saw for the feed study didn’t see any reason why he should have the other study done. Well, it would have been fantastic if somebody would have told me this, so I wouldn’t have wasted time and money – but whatever. It’s over with now. I have also seen two doctors for him this week as well.

I feel like it’s one thing after another.

I opeted to go ahead and get him the flu shot this coming Tuesday, after a lot of thought. I’d rather that, than have him end up with the flu in the ICU.

I hope everyone is having an amazing day! xo


5 thoughts on “Overnight EEG

  1. Amber/"Hot Mess Mama" says:

    I am so sorry this is happening, mama. My son is autistic and has severe anxiety about doctors. When you were talking about the screaming with the EEG.. I can just imagine. It breaks your heart literally.

    You’re being so strong and I hope to hear a follow that he’s doing well soon!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this journey. I can definitely relate. .

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    • Sarah E. McCormick says:

      Thank you so very much for stopping by, reading, and commenting. I appreciate the fact that you can understand – and I’m sure autism isn’t easy to live with – but I’m so sure you’re doing a fabulous job as his mama, and I know you can relate when it comes to the fear factor. The baby has a general fear of doctors, nurses, and even just the smell of those types of offices because he has been through so much in his short 8 months of life. I seriously hope I will be able to make the post you’re looking forward to very soon! I pray I will. I appreciate you taking the time to share in our journey as well! xo Hugs!

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  2. Lindsey M / "Secret Life of the Stay at Home Wife" says:

    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. Nothing’s worse than seeing your little in pain and not being able to make it all better.

    For what it’s worth, I have a good momma friend that just went through this exact thing with her 6month old little girl, and everything was deemed to be fine (no epilepsy), and the facial spasm/seizure activity was ruled to be something benign that she will eventually outgrow as her nervous system matures. I’ll say a prayer for you that that’s all it is too.

    Hang in there!

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    • Sarah E. McCormick says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you know. You’re right; it’s the absolute worst when they are in pain, looking up into your eyes, and screaming ‘mama’ and there’s nothing you can even do. It makes you feel like the worst person in the world. I am SO happy you’re friend’s baby girl is healthy and everything is great! That’s amazing! I truly hope it’s the same case for him as well. I am so worried because preemie babies are said to be at an increased risk for epilepsy, moreso than other children. So, I have been pretty terrified – and this is coupled with the other health related issues he has going on. I am trying to take it all in stride, though, as best as I can. Again, thank you so much for your prayer, your comment, and for taking the time to read! xo Hugs, Lindsey!

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  3. Lacey says:

    Oh dear Sarah I am so sorry. I know it sounds flippant when I this, but I really mean that I’ll be praying for you and little man. I know how helpless I feel when my babies have colds I can’t do anything about. Bless you guys!

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