Review: Paper Whale Design

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another review for you. This time, I am showcasing a wonderful little Etsy shop I found called Paper Whale Design. I am so incredibly excited to showcase some of the amazing creations I received from this awesome little shop. So, without further ado, here we go!


Paper Whale Design is owned and operated by an amazing woman and mama named Megan Magnayon. Megan and I connected right away when we first spoke, because she just so happens to be a mom of twin girls who spent their fair share of time in the NICU. As most of you know, my baby, Richi, was also a NICU baby and had quite a lengthy stay. So, from the get-go, she and I hit it off. It was so interesting and lots of fun to learn about Megan, and what led her to create Paper Whale Design.

Megan is a graphic designer and illustrator, and has had her works featured in children’s books, as well as within her own creations in her Etsy store. Make no mistake, though – being a mama is her number one priority. Megan states, “I take inspiration from my children, along with family and friends.” It was through these means her Etsy store was founded and born. She has new designs listed every week, and she has some exciting plans in the near future to introduce prints, announcements, cards, and original artwork. Once you’ve seen some of her creations, chances are likely you will want to own at least one Paper Whale Design item for your little one.

I am beyond excited to share with you what Megan had sent out to Richi and I. We were expecting one item, a NICU Graduate onesie I fell in love with from her shop, in our box after having spoken with Megan. To our surprise, we were met with more than a generous amount of gifts!


Look at how excited he was to open his box!




Look at all of these gorgeous items – and as an added bonus, the Little Dreamer matte picture! I’m in love!


I was immediately so thankful and grateful, and loved the color schemes and designs! Megan is so creative and has a great eye for design, that’s for sure. I can only imagine having a custom order created by her! If I had to pick a favorite item, I’d have to say the NICU Graduate onesie would be my top favorite, simply because I am so emotional over NICU items. It just brings me back to those days, 6 months ago, which will forever be a huge part of our journey.


My little big man – my NICU Graduate, holding his hospital picture from the day he was discharged from the NICU at 2 months old, also, wearing his NICU Graduate T-shirt. You’ve come such a long way, little guy.

Aside from that, I absolutely adore the Little Peanut shirt because – well, he is a little peanut!



And his daddy loved the Rad Like Dad tee!



Rad Like Dad Onesie

The ‘It was the Dog’ and ‘It was the Baby’ set had me dying laughing when I put them on the two of them – our dog and the baby. It’s harder than I thought to photograph them both at the same time, but it was so much fun to try!


Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the items I received from Megan. The shirts were of the best quality – Gerber onesies, none of the knockoff brand shirts that don’t hold up or fit true to size. The shirts ranged in size from 6 months, 6-9 months, and 12 months, but they all fit him – and true to size. When you wash these, you will want to wash inside out as not to disturb the vinyl applique, and then line dry or lay flat to dry. If the vinyl peels up, you can simply place a piece of parchment over the vinyl and iron it back down to fix and refresh the design.

I would fully recommend ordering from Paper Whale Designs, because you will receive the best quality items, in the most gorgeous designs and colors, and the packaging is just as attractive as the item! As you can see above, Megan takes the time to package each item individually in bags, wraps them in raffia bows, and rolls them up nicely. Shipping is super fast, and Megan is an absolute pleasure to work with. She creates custom orders, and is fast in responding to e-mails.

As an amazing added bonus, Megan wanted to offer my readers and followers a 10% discount on any order from her shop over $10! Now is the time to put this discount code to use to order your baby some cute items for Christmas (which, by the way, she does have Christmas items available as well!) The discount code is JUSTAMOM, so be sure to enter it at checkout!

She’s got items for baby boys, baby girls, and toddlers, as well as items for adults. She’s got some super adorable sets for twins, as well as items for those who are expecting rainbow babies and more!

Check out her store on Etsy:

Follow Megan on Facebook, where she posts coupon codes regularly and more!

Contact her with questions via email-

I hope you all have a fantastic day, and please do check out Paper Whale Designs for your next custom clothing order!





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