Letting Baby Cry It Out Just ‘Aint for Me

Today I wanted to take a minute to touch on a subject that many moms and dads struggle with. Making the decision to allow your baby to cry it out or not to is, for some, a struggle. For me, my viewpoint and decision on the topic was a no brainer.

Babies cry. They all do. They cry because they’re hungry, because they’ve got a wet diaper, or just want to be held and have cuddle time. They cry because they’re bored, because they need parental interaction through talking to them and touching their face, or because they just feel like it. They cry when they’re tired, or are in pain, or need some sort of mental stimulation.

Knowing these things is the reason why I can’t just allow my baby to cry it out. For me, a crying baby is a baby trying to communicate. I can’t stand by on the sidelines while my child cries – or, tries to communicate something to me – and I don’t meet that need. Even if it’s bedtime, I cannot just allow him to cry it out. I am that mom that has, since day one, held my child every time he falls asleep, and I still lay and cuddle with him to get him to sleep. He’s about to be 9 months old on the 16th, and I still do. It’s just part of who I am as a mother.

Some people shame me for it, and tell me I am spoiling my son by not allowing him to cry it out, or that I will be sorry later on. Sorry, I’m not going to change what I do as a mother simply because you don’t agree with my decisions – nor will I talk down on you because you choose to practice the cry it out method. This is what works for me, and for my family. This is what makes me feel comfortable. And above all, this is what makes my baby feel comfortable. So, this is what I do.

While allowing a baby to cry it out may be right for some families, it’s just not right for mine.

I know I’m not alone in this. How many of my readers and mom friends don’t practice the cry it out method? I’d love to hear from you in a comment.


2 thoughts on “Letting Baby Cry It Out Just ‘Aint for Me

  1. tendingtobaby says:

    Isn’t it funny – you’re shamed if you do, you’re shamed if you don’t. To each their own. I never thought I would – I shuttered at the thought of not going to my crying baby – until we had to do it. We did it not for us, but for him. He would no longer cosleep with me and he wouldnt’ let me put him down – even if I rocked him to sleep first, he still woke up. It was 1 am the day before he turned 6 months and he was absolutly frantic with exhaustion – we all were. The next day we let him cry it out. It was the hardest thing I ever did – but he finally slept. I still got up with him in the night and he didnt’ sleep through till 10 months, but that wasn’t our goal. We just needed him to sleep and sleep more than 6 hours a night. I’m pregnant with our second now and am praying to all of the sleep gods that we don’t have to go through this again!

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    • Sarah E. McCormick says:

      I can imagine that must have been so incredibly difficult! Every baby and every child are completely different – siblings included – so here’s hoping that your next baby will be a breeze in terms of sleep! I understand missing out on sleep completely. My baby boy likes to nurse at night and not during the day – and he’s almost 9 months! I haven’t quite figured out how to reverse that, but currently, I just feed on demand whenever he wants to, and offer the breast as much as possible through the day. It’s incredible how different each baby is. And yes! To each their own in terms of how we all raise our babies! xo Hugs


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