Review: Gifts For It, an Etsy Store


Today, I am bringing you a review of yet another Etsy store. This store is called, ‘Gifts For It‘, and if you have a special occasion to celebrate, or a special day or time in your life that you want to commemorate, Gifts For It probably has exactly what you need.

I spoke with Heather, owner and operator of the store, who is also a work-at-home mom. She’s been blessed with 4 amazing children – 2 teenage step children, and two little girls of her own. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her family, and loves to make personalized gifts for her customers. She also really loves working on and creating new and exciting ideas and projects, and making custom orders to fit each individual’s needs.

Heather so kindly took the time to customize a beautiful, personal gift just for me from her shop. She learned about Richi’s stay in the NICU and decided to send me a personalized NICU tumbler!


One side reads, NICU Mom, with a Baby Boy image and polka dots


The other side is customized with my name, and more colorful polka dots

For my tumbler, I got to pick the color of my name, the color of the NICU Mom writing, and the colors of the polka dots. My cup came carefully packaged in paper to protect it while in transit, and was stuffed with this tissue paper for a colorful effect and topped off with a little black bow with white polka dots. Shipping was super fast as well, with tracking. I couldn’t possibly love my cup any more than I do! I literally cannot leave home without it now that I have it. No more stopping at the convenience store to buy bottles of water now that I always have this gorgeous cup with me. I use it proudly! I even used it while grocery shopping today.


On the way to Target, can’t be without it now!

If you need a customized anything, like playroom decor, cute signs to decorate your walls, water bottles for your team sport, time-out chairs and more, you’re in luck, because chances are Heather with Gifts for It can make it for you!

Check out her store and check her out on Social Media:

Instagram: @giftsforit

Twitter: @giftsforit


With Christmas coming up, this would be a fabulous place to shop for personalized decor for your loved ones!


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