Baby Bullet Review

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a fabulous week so far. It’s Thursday, so this past week, I was so excited when my husband took me to Target and treated me to a gadget I had been wanting since before baby Richi was born: the Baby Bullet.


For those of you who haven’t yet heard of this amazing little contraption, it’s basically a Magic Bullet, which is like a super precise food processor or blender, which makes homemade baby food for your little one. You can blend anything from fruit, to vegetables, and even mill your own brown rice and other grains to make baby cereal! I was elated when I got to choose the one I wanted. It was between the Baby Bullet, and the Baby Brezza food steamer/blender, which cost more – I believe it was $100 even. But, I decided to go with the Baby Bullet as I had been wanting this particular one since before Richi was born.


Some of the features that led me to purchase the Baby Bullet over the other brand:

  • Package comes with over 20 pieces, such as blender bowl, small blender bowl, food storage containers (which, by the way, are super cute with the little smiley faces on them) and these super cool lids that you can set the date on, telling you when you actually made the food – no more second guessing yourself!
  • The capability to mill grains such as rice, wheat, oats and more to make your own homemade baby cereal
  • The price – it was $70.00 as opposed to $100 (even though I could have gotten the $100 one, sometimes expensive doesn’t always equal better)
  • I liked the color scheme – sea foam green, cream color, and clear

We actually bought the set two days before Thanksgiving, because we wanted him to be able to eat our Thanksgiving dinner with us! None of that garbage meat in a jar on Thanksgiving for our little guy!

I washed it all up Thanksgiving morning as I had been too busy to actually get it done the night we bought it, and even the following day. I had so much meal prep going on that as bad as I wanted to tear into the box like a kid on Christmas, I waited until I had adequate time. After I had gotten the turkey into the oven Thanksgiving morning and had already baked my pies, I got to it.

This is what the pieces look like out of the box:


There’s all of the baby food containers with the turn dial date setting lids, and the tray that they sit in to keep the jars from getting lost in the fridge as well as safe from falling. Above that is the silicone freezer mold which can freeze purees and cereals for up to one month, unless you transfer the foods to a ziplok bag – they can last longer. You can also make popsicles in them when the baby is older. Above that, is the small blending cup and the storage lid, which can be swapped out for the milling or pureeing blade and the cup can be used upside down on the blending base to blend smaller amounts of foods. Then, to the right, is the large blender bowl for bigger jobs, and the blade you see seated within that blender bowl is the pureeing blade. The blade pictured on the counter is the milling blade, that turns coarse, dry grains into soft flakes of cereal to cook for baby.

In the following pictures, I will show you what the Baby Bullet does with regular brown rice for baby:



Poured regular, plain brown rice into the smaller blending cup and fixed the milling blade to the cup



Affixed the blending cup to the Baby Bullet and turned it, clicking it into place; I then gently press downward and let the magic of the milling begin!



The Baby Bullet virtually pulverizes the grains of rice, milling it into fine flakes of cereal to be used for baby cereal



The end result – comparison photo



The cereal can then be boiled with fresh water, cooled, and frozen for up to 1 month within this silicone freezer storage unit. I plan on removing them from the unit and transferring them to a Ziplok baggie for extra freshness.


I think the milling feature is probably my most favorite thing about the machine, because it’s just so much fun! I have also used regular old fashioned oatmeal to create the perfect homemade oatmeal for Baby Richi. Here is another example of what the Baby Bullet can do. In these photos, you can see I added fresh peas, some jasmine rice, and a little bit of water to create a delicious, smooth, baby approved puree for Richi.


Fresh peas and steamed jasmine rice, with a little water, added to the large blending bowl and pureed for about 15 seconds.


The end result! Smooth, pure, fresh sweet peas and rice – and Richi loved it!


Richi enjoying the last of his peas and rice!

So, I think it’s safe to say I am completely enamored with this contraption, and I would buy it all over again in a heartbeat. I love knowing I can provide my little guy with the freshest fruits, veggies, and meats that I possibly can – and I know exactly what is going into it! Living in Florida, we have access to lots of fresh, local produce – and that’s a huge blessing. Also, no more jars of yucky ground meat for this guy – from now on, all he’ll get is the very best chicken breast, turkey breast, and other meats mommy cooks herself.

After dinner, we even pureed him a tiny piece of apple pie – which he also loved!



Sorry for the quality, this pic was taken on my broken phone camera – but this is Richi enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner! Look how happy he is! And you can see his two teeth here!



Here he is before Thanksgiving dinner, excited and waiting to eat! His cute little shirt says, My First Thanksgiving

I hope you’ll give this item a chance, and if you do, I’m sure you’ll fall just as in love with it as my husband and I have. We’re both pretty much obsessed with making him baby food now!

I should also mention that the box comes with a cool recipe book and helpful tips are included as to when you should introduce certain foods into your baby’s diet. There is also a ‘pocket nutritionist’ which will help you to make good choices when buying produce for baby.

The cost is totally worth it – and I promise you, you’ll never want to turn back to those pre-made jars of baby food again once you’ve witnessed the power of this machine, the knowledge in knowing just what is in your baby’s food, and how healthy your baby will be eating as an end result.




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