Lucina Melodi Breast Pump Review

As a breastfeeding mother, I have certainly tried my hand at a few different makes and models of breast pumps, from single electric, to double electric hospital grade, to manual hand pumps. Up until recently, I had only stuck with one specific brand – Medela. Ask any breastfeeding mother, and they will tell you they’ve heard of the brand more than a time or two, and that in their opinion, the number one brand is Medela. It’s the most well known, well loved, and widely used and accepted breast pump brand world wide.



Photo Copyright Lucina Melodi


Recently, I was given the opportunity to try something different and new: the Lucina Melodi Advanced double electric hospital grade pump.


Photo Copyright Lucina Care

Up until this point, I had never heard of the brand before. I was in need of one to use for an upcoming procedure, however, because I need to pump and start storing milk for baby man when I won’t be able to breastfeed for x amount of hours. I was excited to accept the offer to test this product out, as it helped me do exactly what I needed to – pump and store – and ensure my baby boy is getting what he needs, plus, I get to try out a new product. Win-win!

The Lucina Melodi double electric breast pump advanced was actually created by a NICU nurse. Being that I had a baby in the NICU, this touched a special place in my heart. Also, NICU nurses understand certain struggles us breastfeeding moms go through like no other nurse can. So, when I heard this, I was immediately on board. Apparently, Lucina Care doesn’t only create breast pumps – but they create other pumps as well. When this particular NICU nurse was given the opportunity to create a pump that was true to life and as close to a baby’s suction as possible, she immediately took them up on the opportunity and created the Lucina Melodi pump.

The first thing I noticed at first glance with the Lucina Melodi pump is how incredibly tiny it is compared to other pumps of the same stature I have used before. The Medela Symphony, for example, and which I am also in love with, is a much larger, much heavier, bulkier unit. The Lucina Melodi is quite compact, lightweight, and also, portable.

It has a rechargeable 9 volt battery, which, when fully charged, will hold a charge for 6 to 8 hours. This makes traveling with the Lucina Melodi easier than traveling with other electric pumping systems – and what’s better, you no longer need to use those dreaded manual pumps on the go! This is huge for me, as I completely hate manual pumps, no matter the brand.

According to the Lucina Care website:

SS logic software- the first to truly mimic a baby’s sucking pattern. Our program uses two phases as well as a simulation of the swallow and breathing pause present during breastfeeding. This pattern may facilitate additional let downs and overall breast milk volume.

This was exciting for me, because I have had trouble with not feeling letdowns as of lately. I was thinking it was because my supply had dropped off as the baby has been nursing less and less over the past few months, with everything else we have had going on. Apparently, though, around the 9 month mark, letdowns aren’t a huge indicator of supply – and many women don’t feel a letdown anymore, but their supply is just as strong as ever.

Important note I wanted to mention: Pumping doesn’t accurately measure breast milk production or output. Mothers who exclusively breastfeed, once a good supply is established, should only be pumping 1-2 ounces in total at a time. Anything over that is excess and is considered an over supply. If you are only pumping a volume of 1-2 ounces per pumping session, fret not! Your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to. Your supply is not low – continue putting baby to breast and your supply will maintain itself.

The pump itself comes with the following parts:

  •  1 hospital grade double electric breast pump
  • tubing
  • 2 standard 26 mm flanges, which are attached to the screw on portion of the pump parts
  • 2 silicone valves
  • 2 collection bottles
  • Case
  • Rechargeable 9 V battery
  • Power charging cord

The unit requires a 1 hour charge before use, and will then be able to be disconnected from the power source, if you’d like to keep it portable, and will hold a charge for 6-8 hours.


The unit is very easy to assemble. Simply connect the tubing, ensure the silicone circular suction cups are seated gently within the top of the tubing, and that the valves are affixed to the flange/screw on pieces, and screw the collection cups on, and you’re ready to go.


The unit has 2 phases: phase 1, and phase 2. Phase 1 simply and gently gets the milk flowing and you will experience 6 medium pulls with a pause of about 3 seconds per interval. Phase 2 seems to be a bit of a harder, longer pull, with 7 pulls and then a pause.



Phase 1 (Sorry, haven’t set the time/date as of yet)


One thing I noticed immediately in comparison to Medela brand pumps is that the Melodi has lots of pauses. The time it takes to pump is longer than what you would experience with a Medela pump; however, and this is a big one, the way that this pump is designed to work is, these pauses allow for better milk flow and thus, the end result is more milk. The pauses mimic a baby’s true suck, breathe, swallow patterns, and the pauses give the breasts more time to release milk as opposed to a constant pull from other brands. I will admit this did take some getting used to – but the end result had me quite a happy camper.


I pump with the Melodi for about 20 minutes, sometimes a bit less, but I am trying to build a stronger supply to be able to freeze for him. I don’t want my little guy to be without for any duration of time at all, so I like to have more than I know is needed, just in case. Also, my goal is to pump enough to be able to donate to a milk bank, to help preemies and give back in some small way for all of the amazing help the NICU had given to me. I am so excited for that. I really am.

My usual pumping sessions take place if he decides not to nurse, and in between feedings. I have also started trying to pump after feedings, because I find I can still get an ounce or two even after he eats. I will take what I can get!



Phase 2


Overall, I believe the Melodi is an amazing pump because it effectively and efficiently removes the milk from the breast as naturally as possible. It isn’t as quick to use as the Medela, no, but with patience, you can sit back and expect great results. I seem to find myself getting more with the Lucina Melodi than I would if I were to pump with a Medela Pump In Style Advance or the Medela Lactina. I also get far more with the Melodi than I have with the Medela hand pumps and any other hand pump I’ve used.

Although my favorite pump will always and forever be the Medela Symphony, it’s got quite a hefty price tag. Retail value on a Symphony is around $2,000.00 and up. Yes, I’m serious. But if you’ve ever had the privilige to try one, you’d know it’s well worth the cost. Being that I didn’t quite want to shell out the 2k for a breast pump, I would happily have paid the $200 for the Lucina Melodi pump if it wasn’t given to me as a sponsored product. I really do like this pump a lot. I’m still trying to get used to the pauses and pump time, but it really is an amazing pump – and the compact size and effectiveness of the milk removal earns it my seal of approval.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Any and all opinions stated within this post are expressly my own, and have in no way been influenced or altered by a third party.


One thought on “Lucina Melodi Breast Pump Review

  1. Francis says:

    You gave such a detailed review of this breast pump, I love it. I was in the market up until today and now I think Im going to give this one a try. I love the price and I really dont mind taking a bit of extra time to pump to get more.


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