Coconut Oil Uses for You and Baby

In case you haven’t heard about the many amazing benefits of coconut oil, allow me to introduce you to the world’s most amazing and versatile natural oil.



My favorite brand of coconut oil – it smells and tastes amazing!



Coconut oil is derived from fresh coconuts. Each brand has their own way of doing things in terms of harvesting the oil, collecting the oil, and packaging the oil. Some oils are organic due to the fact that the fruit and trees are organically grown (without the use of pesticides) and others are just basic. Some oils are refined and cold pressed, while others are virgin oils. So, how do you know which coconut oil to choose for health and body benefits?

Personally, I like to stick with the oil that I know works. Organic, virgin, unrefined coconut oil is the absolute best quality, has the absolute best scent and taste, and best for use on your body and most importantly, baby’s body.

Coconut oil can be used to sautee’ foods, used on toast in place of butter, used in smoothies as an all natural energy boost. It can be used in coffee in place of creamer for a creamier cup of coffee, it can also be used to boost healthy fat in your and baby’s diets.

Coconut oil isn’t just for eating, though. On the contrary! There are many other uses for this amazing oil that many people don’t know. You can use it in your hair as a leave in conditioner, and wash it out at your next wash. You can use it to tame flyaways, or smooth out flat ironed hair and prevent damage from humidity. You can use it to moisturize your skin before bed or after a shower. You can also use it to remove makeup. You can even use it in place of deodorant!

It makes a great moisturizing lotion for baby as well. You can also use it to treat cradle cap and eczema on baby’s face and head. It makes a great shaving lotion, or after shaving lotion. Use some on your legs before you head out in that skirt and your legs will glow! My favorite beauty tip is to use it in place of highlighter on your cheekbones for a natural, dewy glow! I’m serious, it works. Try it in the summer months for that coveted illumination everyone seeks.

I doubt I covered all of the bases in terms of what coconut oil can be used for in your home – but I would love to see more people swap out butter in their homes for this amazing ingredient, at least for cooking and health purposes. If you haven’t already, give it a try for beauty and body as well – chances are, you’ll love it.


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