Safety Alert: BabiesRUs Brand Play Yards

Over this past weekend, something extremely scary happened.

I am usually very careful about removing tags from all of Baby Richi’s toys and blankets. I check everything for rips, tears, and wear. I pluck strings from items he plays with that shouldn’t be hanging out or that could in any way cause him harm. I toss items I feel are no longer safe, even if they are his favorite things. Those ‘things’ are replaceable. So, when this particular incident happened, I felt especially terrified – because it was something I missed.

My father in law bought Richi a play yard from BabiesRUs a couple of months back. At first, Richi hated the thing, but I digress.

He now likes to sit and play with his toys for a 15-minute stretch or so. So, when my husband and I had set him in his play yard and I was sitting editing some Christmas photos of him and my husband was playing his guitar, both of us within arms reach of him, he somehow managed to remove the tag from what is supposed to be the underside of the play yard mat, crumpled it up, and stuffed it into his mouth. My husband glanced up from his guitar and looked at him at this exact moment when he saw just a slight corner hanging out of Richi’s mouth. He sort of freaked out and said, ‘Whoa! Sarah, what’s that in his mouth?’ I jumped up out of my chair and immediately realized it looked like a tag. Sure enough, it was.


I grabbed the tag out of his mouth as quick as I possibly could and all in one moment realized just how absolutely horrible that could have ended. It took him 30 seconds from the time we set him in his play yard, till the time we saw him with it in his mouth, to detach that tag and get it into his mouth.

I did not know this tag was there or even existed, because I wasn’t the one who installed the mat into the play yard. Therefore, I  didn’t remove it.

I cannot stress the importance enough when I say please, please remove the tags from your child’s play yard when you set it up and save yourself a potential tragedy. Better yet, this goes for everything – their mattress, swings, car seat, and stroller as well.

As a matter of fact (and safety), please be sure you remove any and all tags from your children’s toys, clothes, and blankets before use. I would absolutely hate to hear about a baby meeting a tragic end from something so preventable.

I plan on contacting BabiesRUs this morning so they can hopefully issue some sort of a warning to parents, or do something in terms of getting the word out. Even if they share something on social media to spread the word that this can and does happen, that would be fabulous.

A 9-month-old baby should not have been able to remove that tag from the product, nor should he have been able to do it so quickly.

I hope this helps prevent a tragedy and that you will all take the time to inspect your own children’s belongings today. A 5 minute sweep of all of their things could save a whole lot of heartche and sadness in the end.


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