Announcement: Brand Representation for Artfully Feathered!

Good Morning, my lovelies!

I just wanted to drop by and share some exciting news with all of you: I am officially the brand representative for Artfully Feathered, a shop owned and operated by Los Angeles-based artist Catherine Holcombe. Her work is absolutely stellar and her creations are out of this world. I look forward to sharing some of her artwork via home decor in the coming week and months! 


3 thoughts on “Announcement: Brand Representation for Artfully Feathered!

  1. Tayla says:

    Greetings from California! I’m bored at work
    so I decided to check out your website on my iphone during lunch break.
    I enjoy all of your blog posts, and I think it must be cool to be a brand rep. How did you get started with all this? I bet it must be so much fun to be a professional writer.. Anyways, amazing blog!


    • Sarah E. McCormick says:

      Awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by, Tayla! I love what I do. Writing is just one of those things that makes life worth living. Even if I didn’t do it for profit, it would still be something I very much adore! The pay and perks are just a bonus!


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