Review: Leap Frog ‘My Pal Scout’ Learning Toy Plush


Today I bring you a review for one of the toys we got Richi for Christmas – My Pal Scout by Leap Frog. This has to be my most favorite item we bought him – and as it so happens, we got it on sale at Target to boot! A $14 very well spent. Normally, this toy retails for $20+ but we got lucky.

Now, I have always been a fan of Leap Frog toys since my two older boys were little and they had the Leap Frog learning tablets.  Ever since then, 12 and 13 years ago, I have been a big believer in learning toys and gadgets – and especially those from the Leap Frog brand.

Let me tell you about this sweet little pup named Scout.

‘Scout’ is the boy version of this toy – they also have a female version named ‘Violet’ for baby girls.

Scout is an uber sweet, energetic, loveable, and playful puppy who I was able to customize with Richi’s name, favorite food, favorite color, and favorite animal by simply plugging the toy in to my headphone jack on my phone, and connecting to the Leap Frog website. Setup and customization was an absolute breeze. There, I was able to register for the site with an account, input Richi’s information such as his date of birth, favorite food, color, and animal, and save the info to the toy. Now, every time Scout talks or sings, he addresses Richi by name – which, aside from hearing his family call him his name (among hus myriad nicknames) will allow him to learn his name.He also loves hearing about his favorite food – sweet potatoes, which he knows by name – and about his favorite animal, dogs. He also loves the color red, and although he can’t quite understand what ‘red’ means when Scout describes red things, he smiles just the same.


I love how this toy teaches him different feelings and emotions, such as happy, sad, and excited. I also appreciate how it teaches him counting – which is something I’ve begun working on teaching him myself – and colors as well.

Scout features tons of daytime songs – 40, to be exact, and many of them are customized with your baby’s name and favorites. There are some songs which are made up specifically for the toy, but there are also favorites we as parents know and love, such as ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and more.

There is also a setting for lullabies, which will play 5 minutes of bedtime music, uninterrupted by Scout talking. The music is so very sweet and really does help Richi to fall asleep more peacefully as he lays with me and I rub his back. Some of the music is so sweet I find myself tearing up while it plays and reminiscing over the last 10.5 months of Richi’s sweet life. Oh, how time flies. I digress.

Also, another great feature is the activities button/paw, where if you press it, Scout will interact with baby and ask them questions, and ask them to complete simple tasks, such as giving him a hug, or smiling. I find myself smiling right along with the baby because I see how much he loves and adores his little friend. It makes my heart smile.

Being that this toy is for babies from 6 months to 36 months, some of the tasks asked of baby may be a bit difficult for a younger baby to comprehend, as are some of the other things Scout says or asks.

All in all, though, I am thoroughly pleased with this toy and I’m glad we welcomed Scout into our home as Richi’s new best friend.

Truly, this item is a 5 star toy. We love him and just couldn’t be happier!



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