Product Review: Sneakz Organic Milkshakes


bandit-logoToday, I am bringing you yet another review. This one comes to you courtesy of Sneakz Organic, a fabulous company located here in the beautiful Sunshine State, whose PR company reached out to me and offered the kids and I the chance to give their products a try. And try them we did. I’m delighted to bring you this review, and we had a lot of fun testing out the different flavors and snapping pictures.


The kind folks at Sneakz Organic decided to be ultra generous and send us not only one pack or flavor, but 4 packs including Strawberry, Vanilla, and last but certainly not least – Chocolate. Each package contains 4 8-oz. boxes of organic blended milk and veggies, and a straw.

Some of the product specs I want to share with all of you, which I found within their press kit, are as follows:

  • Each box contains 1/2 serving of veggies – these veggies include beets, cauliflower, spinach, sweet potato, and carrots
  • The milk used in these boxes is certified organic from grass fed cows
  • These milk boxes are sweetened naturally with minimal amounts of cane sugar, making these drinks as healthy as possible and also, healthier than the leading brands found on your grocer’s shelves
  • All Sneakz Organic milk boxes are Carrageenan free
  • These milk boxes can be prescribed by your children’s doctor as a nutritional supplement if your child has a hard time gaining weight, and can be covered by Medicaid! Check out the info here

Now, when we received these, it was just a few days before Christmas so things were a bit chaotic around these parts as you can imagine. From there, Christmas happened and now that life is back on track, we were able to finally dedicate the time needed and well deserved to this product. Otherwise, we’d have tested these out by now!

Today, the kids gave the milkshakes a try. The verdict? Chocolate wins.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m terribly surprised. I mean…it’s chocolate. Doesn’t chocolate always win?

The great thing about these chocolate milkshakes is that there is far less sugar within one box of Sneakz than there would be in a glass of chocolate milk. The 18 grams of sugar found within one box are basically just from the milk (which, believe it or not, does have naturally occuring sugars) and veggies. Cane sugar just adds that finishing touch to make kids love it.

The kids tried some of the product at room temp, and then again after having been refrigerated. Room temp totally threw them off, and they all said the product tasted ‘metallic’, which I assume was from the beets and spinach (iron). But, when refrigerated, they enjoyed the product immensely!

I tried all 3 flavors myself, and I’ve gotta say – I’m a fan of all 3. I love them all. I thought I was going to be partial to the chocolate, but honestly, I think if I was hanging off of a cliff by my fingertips and had to choose a favorite flavor, I’d go with vanilla this time.

Here are some pics of the kids enjoying and testing out each individual flavor!

Here’s Alex’s take on the product – and by the way, as a sidenote, he is my super picky eater and has been since he was teeny-tiny…Sneaking veggies past him can’t really happen, ever (especially since now he can read LOL) but, I will say that he did love the product the most. He tends to be an all-things-junk-food lover (ugh) and it’s really hard to get him to get those fruits and veggies in as much as he should. I am thankful we found Sneakz- or, technically, that they found us –  because now, we won’t have an issue getting the nutrients he needs into his system! Score!!


And Amber’s – this proves that even older teenagers can love Sneakz:

And Marcus’s, too!


I have gotta say, this was a lot of fun. We spent time outside together laughing and talking while taking these pics as it was a beautiful 60 degree day here in South West Florida – which never happens, mind you – and it was just a perfect day to try something new and have some fun.

I want to send a huge thank you to Sneakz Organic for contacting us and allowing me to test these products out with my kids. It was so much fun, and on top of that, we found out about a great product that is new to us, though not new in and of itself, that I can utilize in my own home. I intend on speaking to the doctor about implementing it into Alex’s diet because somehow, we have gotta make added veggies happen!

I suggest all moms with fussy or picky eaters give these products a try. If you don’t want to go the route of getting a prescription from your doctor until you know if your little ones will love it, pick a pack up from Target for $6.99. Or, order from their website here. They come in 4 packs or 12 packs, and you can choose from all 3 flavors I spoke of above.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for checking out my review of Sneakz Organic!

Disclaimer: The product reviewed within the post was sponsored, which means it was paid for by the company spoken of – in this case, Sneakz Organic – and I received the product free. That in no way influences the opinions I set forth within this review, as I will never give misleading information to my readers. The opinions expressed within this blog post are my own, and were in no way influenced by a third party.












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