Be A Part of Baby Richi’s First Birthday!

Hello friends! I am inviting you all to help be a part of Baby Richi’s 1st Birthday video! I am giving everyone the opportunity to make a handheld, hand written sign to be used in a very special video I am making him for his big day. I am on a roll with receiving submissions via a mom app I am a part of, but now I am giving you, my readers and friends, the chance to get in on this amazing, sweet, heartfelt and BIG project as well!

Basically, what I am looking for is hand written, hand held signs saying the following:

“Baby Richi, your mama’s love is so big, so far, and so wide, that it has reached (your city/state/country here). ” An example of what I am looking for:


If you want to be a part of this, I’d love to receive a picture from you!! Please e-mail it to me at sarahemccormick83 (at )

Also! If you want to make something extra special, I am also accepting short video submissions saying, ‘Happy First Birthday, Baby Richi!’ from my friends as well! If you’d like to make both, or one, I’d be very grateful and it will help make his day so special! I want to blow my family away with this video, so let’s make it count!



11 Month Old Update with Pictures

Good Evening, friends!

What an incredibly busy and stressful week I’ve had. So much has gone wrong. So many terrible things have happened over the course of this past week, and even the week prior. That’s why I haven’t been around here, able to write very much. From a family crisis, to scary blood work and test  results for myself, and more, I have had just about all I can take at this point.I was literally pushed to my breaking point this week.

However; I have been on a mission for the past couple of days even through the stress to enjoy the little things. There are so many blessings to be found within this messy array of thorns. I know it’s not always easy to see our blessings when we are so swamped with pain and stress, but today, for just a few minutes, I took a breather. Today, I found the time to enjoy some one on one playtime at the park with my little man, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Not only did we play on the swings, look at the trees and see and hear the birds, but we explored the grass, saw some interesting bugs, and took some amazing and adorable photos as well.

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Growing Up: My Baby Boy Fell Asleep…On His Own



Last night was a night I wasn’t mentally prepared for. Not at all. I thought, at the end of the day, I would still be what my not-so-tiny baby needed to fall asleep when the sun went down and the time for bedtime snuggles came about. I thought wrong.

Richi, my darling little 11-month old baby boy, decided he just didn’t need mommy to put him to sleep after all. After all these 11 months, every single night, at every single bedtime and for every single nap, mommy has been right there to hold him, snuggle him, nurse him, lay with him, and even sleep next to him. I had been there to hold him against my chest skin to skin as a newborn as he listened to the rhythm of my heartbeat, a familiar sound he grew to love and be comforted by in utero. I had been there when he grew a bit to lay side by side, chest to chest with him, snuggled face to face, as he closed his little eyes and drifted off to dreamland. And, even still, as he grew ever more, I was there as he began to face away from me but still wanted my hand on his back, gently rubbing his back as I sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ to him while he was lulled into a safe, comfortable sleep.

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Silent Friday Night?

Hey Ya’ll! It’s Friday! Time to party!



LOL Even if I could, that wouldn’t be my night of choice. No, thank you! Tonight I feel like I’ve had the night all to myself, though everyone is here. Well, not really. My husband went to the gym, but all the kids are here – and they all went to sleep at like, 8. Yes. really.  I have absolutely no idea how that even managed to happen but hey, I’m not complaining! This is relaxation at its finest!

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The Breastfeeding Struggle Is Real.


Good Evening, Friends, and Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday, I was at a dentist’s appointment with Amber when Richi decided he was extremely tired (we had missed his 10 AM nap due to the dentist appointment and nap scheduling conflict – now, mind you, I normally schedule things outside of naptime hours, but this was all that was available for an emergency appointment – and she was in a lot of pain) and hungry, and wanted his milk. I don’t pump and bring bottles anywhere because A.) he won’t take a bottle and B.) he’d much rather have his milk ‘on tap’ rather than in a sippy, so that’s what we do.

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10 Month Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are one of those things that, as parents, we dread. Let’s face it – we all crave a good night’s sleep, and for mama’s, that can be especially hard to come by after baby. I don’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep, uninterrupted by bathroom trips, the occasional pump session when Richi doesn’t want to nurse and I’m full, nursing the baby or soothing him back to sleep. Not that I’m complaining – on the contrary, I love taking care of him any time of day or night! But, I do miss having a good night’s sleep.

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Amazing Breast Milk Info You May Not Know

Good Morning, everyone!

I wanted to stop by this afternoon and give you a daily dose of knowledge. As you all know, I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate because, well, it’s what’s absolutely best for our babies. I know that statement really gets under any formula feeding mom’s skin, but let’s be honest, here. Breast milk really is the best thing a mother can offer her child. Science proves this over and over again. That’s not just my opinion, though –  it’s just a fact.Breast fed babies are less likely to get sick, get cancer, have asthma, be obese either as a baby, child or adult, and many other health ailments. There are so many amazing reasons to breastfeed!

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4 New Years Resolutions I’ll Actually Keep


It happens every year. Year after year, I make New Year’s Resolutions. Year after year, I become disappointed with myself because I let myself down. My resolutions typically consist of ideas that are amazing in theory, but not incredibly attainable. Well, maybe they are – but I suppose my motivational track record isn’t the greatest. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I never have much time to focus on anything for myself. Or both. Nonetheless, I am determined to keep this year’s resolutions.

At first, I resolved to not make resolutions at all this year – and laughed about the resolution to not make resolutions. Then, I decided I would forego that idea, and really resolve to make certain resolutions happen that mean something to me. Here is what they are, and why they matter – at least, to me.

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