4 New Years Resolutions I’ll Actually Keep


It happens every year. Year after year, I make New Year’s Resolutions. Year after year, I become disappointed with myself because I let myself down. My resolutions typically consist of ideas that are amazing in theory, but not incredibly attainable. Well, maybe they are – but I suppose my motivational track record isn’t the greatest. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I never have much time to focus on anything for myself. Or both. Nonetheless, I am determined to keep this year’s resolutions.

At first, I resolved to not make resolutions at all this year – and laughed about the resolution to not make resolutions. Then, I decided I would forego that idea, and really resolve to make certain resolutions happen that mean something to me. Here is what they are, and why they matter – at least, to me.

#1 Spend More Time With the Bible

While this looks pretty self-explanatory, I am going to delve into what that means to me. Not only do I want to spend more time with the Bible myself, but I want to do it as a family. I have carved out an hour’s worth of time for the kids and I to focus on Bible studies each night and more if need be. At first, I thought to myself, ‘I need to get these kids more involved with reading the Bible…but how can I make it fun?’ It’s not very easy keeping them interested, seated, and patient – but I found some awesome Bible Studies that can be done each night on my You Version Bible app, and many of them contain videos which I can now ‘cast’ onto my TV (brand new Smart 4K TV – lots of cool amenities our old TV didn’t have!) and we can watch and listen in theater quality, while learning something new. I am spending my time doing my mom Bible studies, wife Bible studies, and family and kids Bible studies, and my heart is full. I ask them questions at the end and we pray together. It means a lot to me to have them more involved with Jesus.

#2 Spend More Family Time

We usually take Friday nights out and have a movie/popcorn night, but now I want to include another night every week where we do something else, like play a board game together or Charades, or something. Anything at all, as long as we’re together. This means so much to me. My kids are growing fast. Time is running thin. Children are only small for a little while. I want to make the most of the time I have them under my wing.

#3 Learn to Love Myself

While I will admit this resolution is going to be the most difficult to keep, it’s important to me to actually at least get halfway with this one. There is so much intense work to be done when it comes to learning to love myself. In fact, I need to work on every single facet when it comes to this one. But I am going to try. I want to learn to have self-love. I want to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I really do. I’m working on it.

#4 Be Happy

This one means so much to me. I want to be happier than I’ve ever been. I have had a really rough couple of years in so many areas, and becoming a happier person than ever means finally having peace for me. This really shouldn’t be so hard. It seems as though life has thrown every curveball my way that it possibly could (well, save for a couple horrible things, thank God) and I have done my best to fight through every difficult circumstance and come out a victor. But, I’m tired of just fighting my way through life. I want to be happy. I’m going to start doing little things for myself at the end of each day. I have begun this by giving myself an hour of ‘me’ time every night. It’s usually after the kids and my husband have fallen asleep, but it’s my time to just do something for me. Have a snack, read a little, write a little, take a bath, meditate – whatever it is, I feel like this is a healthy move in the right direction, and one I won’t regret making.

In years past, I made silly resolutions to work out every day, lose tons of weight, get rich, and many others – and I’ve pretty much failed at everything. I want to succeed at these. I chose things I know I can attain. I’m hoping I can turn 2017 into my year.

Here’s to new beginnings and blessings beyond measure! Happy New Year!


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