Amazing Breast Milk Info You May Not Know

Good Morning, everyone!

I wanted to stop by this afternoon and give you a daily dose of knowledge. As you all know, I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate because, well, it’s what’s absolutely best for our babies. I know that statement really gets under any formula feeding mom’s skin, but let’s be honest, here. Breast milk really is the best thing a mother can offer her child. Science proves this over and over again. That’s not just my opinion, though –  it’s just a fact.Breast fed babies are less likely to get sick, get cancer, have asthma, be obese either as a baby, child or adult, and many other health ailments. There are so many amazing reasons to breastfeed!

Whatever way you choose to feed your baby is your decision – I just want to help sway those who are undecided to opt for the healthiest option possible – but, a fed baby is obviously the end goal.

With that being said, I feel that I should mention that this post is not meant to shame formula feeding moms, only to uplift those who breastfeed, spread knowledge and awareness to those sitting on the fence and whom are currently pregnant, and for those generally interested in learning more about the many incredible benefits of breast milk. I too was a formula feeding mom in the past, so I’m not knocking anybody who does choose to formula feed. This is just something I strongly believe in now, and I don’t really know why I am defending my opinion on my blog. Either way…please enjoy the helpful and informative infographics below. I hope you will learn something new!


And here are some fabulous encouraging photos for all of us breastfeeding mamas!



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