Q&A with Yours Truly – Part 1

Today, I thought it would be a lot of fun to answer some unique questions from a survey I found online (Credit to CircleofMoms.com) and I hope you all enjoy reading the answers! I am breaking this into a 2 part series being that it’s quite long. Look for part 2 next week!

  1. Share your funniest memory of having a teenager/teenagers:

Oh, boy. This should be interesting. I have so many memories. Being that 3 of my kids are teens, I have lots. (And that probably shows my age a little…or does it?) Hannah had a meltdown one time because she couldn’t find a shoe. Like, a full blown anxiety attack meltdown. Marcus told me his forehead acne was ‘a good thing’ and ‘supposed to be there’, so he was rubbing grease on his face to make the acne stay. I have no idea. He also got his dad a travel shaving kit for Christmas, and stole the razor out of it (you could clearly see where the razor would go) to use for himself – as if he needs one yet. Daddy noticed and made him give it back. (LOL) and Amber just makes me laugh on a daily basis!

2. The worst thing your kids have done?

That’s easy. Amber stole $300 from my husband’s wallet and passed it out to her friends on the bus one day on the way to school. She was in like, 3rd grade at the time. It was horrible. We got some of it back, but some of it was gone forever. And she never did anything like that again. Marcus also did something very similar. Alex broke Marcus’ thumb during a play fight. Marcus put a stick out in front of Amber’s scooter and made her fall and break her wrist. Amber dumped Hershey’s chocolate syrup on our carpet as a 5-year-old, just for fun. Hannah peed in her closet on numerous occasions, no matter what I tried to do, she always found a way to do it. It was horrible. Omg, kids are insane. I could go on for days!

3. What was your first reaction when finding out?

For the money stuff, I was infuriated and in disbelief! Called the school and handled that. And we definitely dealt with the situation when she got home. Same for Marcus. We dealt with all of it accordingly, honestly.

4. What was your most common food craving, or most unusual craving? (I assume during pregnancy?)

Well, during my last pregnancy, I craved pizza, and Mexican/spicy food all the time!

5. What was the hardest part about being pregnant?

Not being able to reach to shave, the neverending need to eat and pee, sleeping positions or sleeping at all, and with my last baby, the fact that it ended far beyond it’s time and he was born early.

6.Where were you, and what were you doing when you went into labor?

With Hannah, I was in class. With Amber, in the tub. With Marcus, I had gone to a doctor appointment and they told me to head straight to the hospital because I was at 5 cm. With Alex, I was at Carraba’s Italian Restaraunt when I felt contractions. With Richi, I was sleeping in bed when my water broke prematurely at 33 weeks.

7. What was your labor experience? Natural, C-Sections, epidural, natural? How long were you in labor?

I’m just going to speak on the most recent experience. It was an emergency c-section, I had a spinal, and it was pretty much immediate. I had been in the hospital for a week prior to the surgery with a leaking/broken water and then he pooped/passed meconium, at which point, they made the decison to get him out before he aspirated.

8. Was it better or worse than you had anticipated?

Both, honestly. I didn’t die, like I thought I would – but I came pretty darn close. My respirations slowed to practically nothing and I had a bad reaction to all the meds. I was in an incrdible amount of pain after. I had a baby in the NICU. It was really hard. But I lived through it, and here I am!

9. Baby stats? Weight, length, and time of birth.

He was 5 lb 5 oz, born at 33 weeks + 4 days, he was 17″ and he was born at 8:15 PM.

10. Did you have a good pregnancy? Why?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I enjoyed every bit of it. Even all of the uncomfortable parts. Because I wanted this baby so incredibly bad for such a long time, I wanted to embrace every bit of it. Plus, I knew this would be my last baby. And he was and is such an incredible blessing to me!

11.What were your thoughts about labor?

Well, throughout my entire pregnancy, I had planned a natural, unmedicated birth. I had this elaborate birth plan laid out, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a lotus birth (where the placenta stays connected to the baby without the cord being cut until the placenta falls off/ detaches itself naturally), OR I wanted delayed cord clamping at the very least. I wanted things to be perfect and according to my plan. I had no fear about labor as I had been there 4 times before. I had a small bit of nervousness, but that’s normal because every labor is different. When my world was tossed upside down and I no longer had control over what was happening to me, my baby, my body, my labor, and how he was going to be born, I lost it. I freaked out and completely panicked. But, after it was all said and done, I did what had to be done for his safety – and that in and of itself was the perfect birth.

12. What advice would you give other women about pregnancy?

Expect the unexpected. Don’t believe for a minute that things are always going to go according to plan. Things never usually do. Make sure you read up on every possibility – even if you think it won’t happen to you – because I wish I would have. I knew nothing about c-sections before I had one. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I wish I would have read up for my own peace of mind.

13. Have you ever thought, ‘Gosh, I can’t do this!’ and why?

Parenting, you mean? Every damn day. But I somehow make it through another day every day. It’s never easy! But it’s always worth it. Always!

14. Do you think a married family with children is better than an unmarried relationship with kids, and if so, why?

If I were to answer based on my Christian belief system, I’d have to say a married family with children is better because that’s what God wants – a baby born in wedlock. If I were to answer with my mind and my heart rather than my soul and religious views, I’d say a baby born to a family where he or she is loved unconditionally – whether that baby is born to a single mom, or a lesbian or gay couple – is just as good if not better. Sometimes, married families have more problems than those who aren’t married at all. Sometimes, people who are unmarried but together are much happier couples. I believe ultimately as long as a child is taken care of as they should be, loved with everything the parents have, and provided with everything they need, then the child is right where they should be.

15. What are your views on young moms having children?

Well, this is a hard one for me. I was a very young mom. I had Hanah at 16. I was pregnant at 15. Regardless,I think it’s terrible, and a teenage girl should wait at all costs. She doesn’t know what she’s giving up, or losing. She won’t ever get those teenage years back. And I really wish teen girls would open their eyes a bit. Just because someone says they  love you doesn’t mean they need to ‘give it up’. Please just wait. Wait for the right man to come along and allow him to sweep you off your feet. Get married if you want. Live a little. But please, wait. There’s so much more mental maturity that needs to happen when you’re a teen, and a lot of growing left to do as well. It’s important to be mentally stable for a baby. And grown enough to be able to take care of that child to the best of your ability. Patience is also something that comes with age and time. Babies require tons of patience. Please, just wait.

16. Did you go through any pre-natal blues/depression?

I did. And I still am. It’s affected me in a major way. But I am doing a lot better than I had been, and I am getting better each day. It was a very dark time for me. But I am getting better – and also, there is no shame in seeking help.

17. What techniques did you use to get through the pain of contractions?

Breathing, focusing on objects, praying, hyperventilating, breaking my husband’s hand, screaming, growling, oh, you know – the usual. LOL

18. What were your first thoughts when you found out? (That I was pregnant)

WhenI found out I was pregnant with Richi, I couldn’t believe it. Honestly. I was told I’d never have any more children, that the amount of scar tissue I had was far too great to ever conceive or hold another pregnancy at all, but definitely not to term. I was told it would take a, “miracle from God”. Well, I got my miracle in June of 2016 when those BFP’s popped up on one test after the other. I was elated but terrified! It had been 12 years since I had a baby!

19. Did you have any cravings?

I think I already answered something like this up there, but yes – pizza, spicy Mexican food, dairy, salty stuff and water. Tons and tons of water.

20. Did you enjoy being pregnant?

Very much so. I loved every minute of it. There’s nothing at all like feeling life growing inside of you. It’s incredible. And there will never be anything like it again.

21. What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?

Even though I was completely delirious and out of it because of the c-section meds and anxiety meds, I remember seeing Richi for the very first time. I thought how absolutely beautiful, yet tiny, he was. He was immediately rushed away to the NICU. The next day when I saw him again, I again remember thinking how incredibly gorgeous, tiny and beautiful he was. He was just so perfect. And he had so much hair!

22. What is and how did you choose your baby’s name?

He is named after his daddy and is a third – Richard the III, and was known in the NICU as ‘King Richard’

23. How long were you in labor for and what pain relief did you have?

Again, answered this above.

24. What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?

Making rough calls; showing tough love when needed, and wondering if the choices you are making are the right ones.

25. Write something your child(ren) has done to make you laugh.

Hannah used to do this caterpillar thing where she would literally scoot across the floor like a caterpillar without using her hands, just by scrunching her but up in the air and dragging herself by her shoulders and feet somehow. Cracked me up every time! Amber makes me laugh with her sarcasm and wit on a daily basis. Marcus always managed to botch words and it cracks me up. And Alex does a hilarious and Oscar worthy British accent. Richi makes me laugh all day long!! He has the most electric personality and always has the hugest smile on his face! I just love my kids so much.


That’s all for part 1! Look for part next week!



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