Artfully Feathered – A Picture Post

Tonight I wanted to share just how beautiful this blanket is that I received from a wonderful Etsy shop,  Artfully Feathered. For those of you who missed the post where I talked about Artfully Feathered, I am the official Brand Ambassador and I will be bringing you the occasional post showcasing some of her beautiful creations.

Catherine Holcombe is a wonderfully talented artist from Los Angeles, California, and owns a shop on Etsy where she incorporates her artwork onto beautiful creations such as this beautiful Music Throw Blanket in Sapphire, which is available for purchase in her shop. It’s so plush and comfy, and it’s just the perfect blanket to cozy up with in front of the TV to watch a movie or your favorite show. It also makes a fabulous naptime blanket, and looks fab on your couch as a throw! This blanket is also available in brown. It’s one of her best sellers. I am a huge music fanatic and I adore sapphire blue so I can understand why!



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