Silent Friday Night?

Hey Ya’ll! It’s Friday! Time to party!



LOL Even if I could, that wouldn’t be my night of choice. No, thank you! Tonight I feel like I’ve had the night all to myself, though everyone is here. Well, not really. My husband went to the gym, but all the kids are here – and they all went to sleep at like, 8. Yes. really.  I have absolutely no idea how that even managed to happen but hey, I’m not complaining! This is relaxation at its finest!

The baby has been sleeping since about 7:30 tonight since he was super exhausted from our long day filled with doctors appointments for both myself and himself. We found out yesterday that he has an egg allergy, so today was pretty hectic. He now has an Epi Pen should the need arise to use it (though, I pray to the Good Lord Jesus I never have to break that thing out) and an allergist appointment I need to make come Monday morning. I’ve now got 2 kids with incredibly serious food allergies under one root. Lord, help me.

I’m thinking I am gonna take the rest of this night and take a nice, hot, long bath, shave my legs for once, and even give myself a pedicure if I have that much time to play with. I suppose it all depends on how long Richi stays asleep – which, lately, he’s been doing pretty awesome and sleeping for long stretches at a time! We’re getting there. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.

MyFather-In-Law is planning on taking the boys tomorrow morning, so this will also afford me with some much-needed peace on a weekend. I had the hardest time with these boys over winter break constantly fighting and attacking each other non-stop, and I still haven’t recovered from it all! So, needless to say, I welcome his offer to pick them up and for them to spend some time with him. Plus, it’s good for them and for him as well. (LOL)

I suppose that’s it for now! I will be completing part 2 of the question and answer session I posted last week tomorrow for anyone who’s bored and interested in reading it (I just enjoy them, I think they’re fun!) and since Richi will be turning 11 months this week (yes, I’m serious…I cannot even fathom where an almost entire year has gone to) I will be bringing you some adorable pictures of him this week as well.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



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