11 Month Old Update with Pictures

Good Evening, friends!

What an incredibly busy and stressful week I’ve had. So much has gone wrong. So many terrible things have happened over the course of this past week, and even the week prior. That’s why I haven’t been around here, able to write very much. From a family crisis, to scary blood work and test  results for myself, and more, I have had just about all I can take at this point.I was literally pushed to my breaking point this week.

However; I have been on a mission for the past couple of days even through the stress to enjoy the little things. There are so many blessings to be found within this messy array of thorns. I know it’s not always easy to see our blessings when we are so swamped with pain and stress, but today, for just a few minutes, I took a breather. Today, I found the time to enjoy some one on one playtime at the park with my little man, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Not only did we play on the swings, look at the trees and see and hear the birds, but we explored the grass, saw some interesting bugs, and took some amazing and adorable photos as well.

He is now crawling around the house like crazy! He will push the limits and do as much as I allow him to. Lots of times he checks in with me to see if something is okay to touch or poke by looking up at me and giving me an, ‘ehh’ noise, and wait on my approval or disapproval. He has so much energy, I can barely keep up! He makes my heart smile so much. He continues to keep a smile on my face throughout everything I have been going through. He has been so loving and sweet, giving mommy ample hugs and kisses throughout the day, sharing his pacifier with me, and giving me sips of water from his sippy cup.

He is eating tons of different solids and is so done with baby food at this point. He wants everything cut up in tiny baby-bite sized pieces so he can pick them up and feed himself. He’s saying so many different words now, I couldn’t even think of them all! Mama, Dada, buh bye, mum-mum (that’s what he says when he wants to nurse), what’s that (he pronounces it, ‘wassat’), woof woof (he calls our dog woof woof, but he pronounces it woo woo), and many more. He has been pulling himself up onto his knees and trying to stand. He fights hard when it’s time for a diaper change, sitting up in protest. I feel like I have to wrestle a baby squid every time I change him. It usually makes me laugh. Sometimes, it’s exasperating. Getting him dressed is a bit more of a difficult task. That’s more like wrestling an alligator.

Today, we found out he is allergic to cashews. He wasn’t fond of the allergy testing process, and gave me that horribly sad puppy dog frown before he began crying his little eyes out and tears streamed down his face. He buried his face in my chest and hugged me as he cried. I cried, too. I know the test wasn’t actually painful, but his sweet, soft little baby skin is so sensitive so I know it hurt him because he bled a little, and he cried. So, I felt like the worst mama in the world at that moment. He was actually there to be tested for a suspected egg allergy, and as it turns out, he’s not allergic to eggs, but he is allergic to cashews. Who knew?

He zooms around the house in his walker so fast I almost have to run just to keep up. I don’t feel comfortable in letting him run around on his own without me, even though we pretty much baby proofed everything at this point. He loves giving his ‘big bear’ (a teddy bear his sister got him for Christmas) hugs and kisses. Currently, his favorite toy is his old school farm animal pull and spin toy that sings ‘The Farmer in the Dell’ and ‘Old McDonald’. He loves putting his blocks in his block bucket and taking them back out again. Also, he really loves going outside and spending time in nature, and going for walks. And he’s got his mama’s love for reading as well! This little boy loves hearing stories, looking at the pictures, and turning the pages!

He now has 3 teeth! Two on the bottom, and one on top that he just cut today actually. He has another top tooth pressing through and I expect it should be through any day now.

For a preemie, he sure is doing well – and developing perfectly, in my opinion.

I cannot believe I am going to have a 1 year old in less than a month. I’m so not ready for that day. I know I’m going to cry, but I also know I’m going to smile. I am so proud of my little guy.

I’d like to share some beautiful, sweet, awesome pictures I took at the park today after our time at the allergist’s office, and after we had gone home, had lunch, and a bath. Seriously, prepare for cuteness overload – and not just because he’s mine. He’s just freakin’ adorable.



Like I said, verbatim, freakin’ adorable.

Here are a couple from when we got home and he wanted to play but also spend some time with his doggy!


Well, I suppose that’s all for now! I will have a couple blogs coming for you in the next week for sure, but I hope to be able to write a bit more than that. Thanks everyone for being patient with me while I work through some tough things!

Sarah xo


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