Be A Part of Baby Richi’s First Birthday!

Hello friends! I am inviting you all to help be a part of Baby Richi’s 1st Birthday video! I am giving everyone the opportunity to make a handheld, hand written sign to be used in a very special video I am making him for his big day. I am on a roll with receiving submissions via a mom app I am a part of, but now I am giving you, my readers and friends, the chance to get in on this amazing, sweet, heartfelt and BIG project as well!

Basically, what I am looking for is hand written, hand held signs saying the following:

“Baby Richi, your mama’s love is so big, so far, and so wide, that it has reached (your city/state/country here). ” An example of what I am looking for:


If you want to be a part of this, I’d love to receive a picture from you!! Please e-mail it to me at sarahemccormick83 (at )

Also! If you want to make something extra special, I am also accepting short video submissions saying, ‘Happy First Birthday, Baby Richi!’ from my friends as well! If you’d like to make both, or one, I’d be very grateful and it will help make his day so special! I want to blow my family away with this video, so let’s make it count!




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