Sincere Elephant – A Review


Good Afternoon, ladies! I hope you are all doing well, and are having a stress-free, peaceful afternoon full of smiles and coffee!

Today I am bringing you a review from one of the cutest little shops I have seen yet. This review is to be based on Sincere Elephant, a brand I was introduced to by one of my close friends and fellow mom blogger, Taye’K, who’s son had been wearing one of the brand’s products in a picture she sent me. I instantly fell in love with the products this store has to offer! Such a beautiful array of bandana bibs, 3-in-1 covers for strollers, nursing, and carseats, as well as children and baby clothing.

I couldn’t resist reaching out and contacting owner and operator, Katie Tuttle, to inquire as to how Baby Richi could become a brand rep for the company, as I have been pursuing some different avenues lately- and even though they aren’t currently accepting new brand reps, Ms. Katie offered to send us out a lovely little package jam packed full of some of the brand’s most adorable bandana bibs – otherwise known as bibdanas – and let me just say I absolutely adore them! She sent me the Madison set and they were so worth the short little wait from Tennessee. This was also our very first go-round with this style of bib, and I must say I don’t think we are going back to the old style. Honestly, even my husband loves these and compliments little man on how cute he looks every time he wears one! If daddy loves it, it’s a win (He’s often times a hard man to impress… but don’t tell him I told you so).

Before I begin my actual review, let me just share a bit about Sincere Elephant and the husband and wife team behind the brand.

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This is some info taken verbatim from their ‘Our Story’ page on their website:

Sincere Elephant was started in the summer of 2016 by Katie and Josh right after the arrival of their second daughter. With the dream of running a business while staying home with her two daughters, Katie left her third grade classroom. Everything is history after that.

Sincere Elephant was founded on the principle of making products that we would want our kids to wear. So everything you see on our website is tested and approved by the ones we love the most.

At Sincere Elephant customers are our main focus. If Momma is not happy, we aren’t happy. We go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. So please don’t hesitate to email or call us anytime.

Now, onto my thoughts on the products!


Cute, colorful, absorbent and plush: those are the best words I can use to describe these adorable bandana bibs. They have a button snap closure with an adjustable fit for your growing baby, and fit like a dream for my almost 12 month old. He doesn’t mind them at all, and doesn’t try to tear at them to pull them off like he has with the velcro-type-closure bibs that undoubtedly don’t feel nearly as nice on his skin. He is teething, so this was the perfect time and opportunity to really put these bibs to the test. I am proud to say that they didn’t allow saliva to leak through onto his shirt at all, and he drools a lot!


When it comes to serving him food, he is a messy baby – plus, he’s been doing a lot of self-feeding lately as he wants to be more independent. So, when using these bibs for mealtime, I have noticed how the food will sit on top of the bib but not soak in to leave stains, but the food does remain on the bib and doesn’t just roll off everywhere. When I wash them, I throw them in with his laundry and wash with Dreft – Stage 2 for an active baby – and they come out super fresh and clean and stain free!


I honestly couldn’t be happier with these bibs, and I do see myself making a purchase on some in the very near future. I recommend these highly – I don’t get excited over bibs normally. These, however, are the exception!


If you want to check out what Sincere Elephant has to offer, head on over to their website:

and if you have any questions, I’m sure Katie would love to be of assistance! She can be reached by e-mail here .

Also, find and follow Sincere elephant on Social Media:

Instagram: Sincere_Elephant


Also, a huge thank you to Taye’K for introducing me to this wonderful brand and it’s amazing products, and a super huge thank you to Katie for making this review possible!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, which means I received product(s) in exchange for an honest review. Any and all opinions expressed within this blog post are mine, and have in no way been influenced by a third party. I will always provide my readers with honest reviews and be up front about my experience with a product, good or bad.




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