Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads…Say What?! A Hippie Adventure – An Etsy Store

A couple months back, I had stumbled across something I had never heard of before: reusable cloth menstrual pads. At first, I was sort of grossed out. Then I really thought about it. It’s basically the same concept as a cloth diaper, right? And I use those…so what’s so gross about it? I guess for me, it was the blood factor. After reading into it some more, I was convinced that I wanted to give some of these reusable pads a try. I’m not much a fan of tampons anymore in my older years as I used to be, as the risk of TSS scares me to death, so I use pads now anyway. I’ve tried other means such as cups, and they just make a huge mess. I decided it was now or never. After all, what did I have to lose? I might even end up loving them. And if I did, it would be an investment to save money in the long run. That’s always a win! Plus, it would be better for the environment, and better for my body. I was all in!

I teamed up with Patti Richie, of A Hippie Adventure, an Etsy store, and she generously provided to me some sample products from her handmade line. I have to say right off the bat how impressed I am with how beautifully made these products are, and also, how incredibly helpful Patti’s instructions that she included with the products are.

Patti is a self-proclaimed hippie and is, as she puts it, living the dream and doing what she loves. Here is a bit about her from her Etsy ‘About Me’ page:

I am living the dream working in varied avenues. Sewing, designing, teaching, life-coaching and healing. I am doing this joy filled endeavor of creating things that either appeal to me or burst forth from my soul as inspiration in design. What better way to live than by doing what you love?

She currently resides in North Richland Hills, Texas, and is a total sweetheart to do business with – I can attest to that!

Now, to jump right into the products I received.



Within these two adorable packages, I received all these:


which unfold and look like this:



Beautiful, are they not? I just love the patterns. My favorite pattern would have to be the comic like fabric. It almost makes having your period feel (dare I say) fun. At the same time, it makes you feel like Wonder Woman and as though you can take on the world!

After having read the instructions provided to me, I gave all of the pads a wash with some Tide laundry soap before use. Patti uses a fabric softener on the flannel materials when she is making them to help them fold and provide softness, so it’s a good idea to give them a wash before wearing/using. Also, never use fabric softener with the pads as it’s unnecessary and can make the materials not absorb as well.

Waiting for my cycle to come around this time was annoying because I really wanted to test these out! And once it did, and once I did, I was of the opinion that these pads work just as well if not better than the mainstream menstrual pads and products you would buy from the store. Yes, I’m serious.

Truth be told, I had an exceptionally heavy cycle this time around. It could possibly be because I recently had my IUD removed, but I’m not sure. I’m thinking that is the culprit, though. Regardless, I waited until the flow died down to a normal flow before using these. I didn’t want to take chances and spring a leak while out and about, because I had never used these before so I didn’t know if they would hold up as well.

While using for a normal to moderate flow, and using them overnight as well, as well as using the pantyliners for the tail end of the cycle, I had great results with these products.

They launder well, and are stain free after washing. It only requires a bit more than you would normally do for a disposable pad, and that is to rinse the pads with cold water immediately following use. If you would like, you can put them into a bucket with a mixture of vinegar and water until you launder them, but I simply rinsed mine with cold water and put them into a lingerie bag until I did laundry that day. I do laundry every day anyway. I would wash them on warm with Tide, and they came out stain free. Also, I washed a couple of them using Soap Nuts, which I use for the baby’s cloth diapers rather than traditional soap, and they came out just as clean!

The lovely bag/pouch you see pictured is lined with PUL and is perfect for storing used pads or fresh tampons, menstrual cups, or what have you in until you get home from running errands or work. You could even use the bag to store unused pads in in your purse. This product is brand new from A Hippie Adventure, and Patti is really excited about it. I can see why! It’s adorable and functional – I’m sure she is going to sell tons of these bags! It doesn’t scream, ‘I’m holding pads,’ it just looks cute and nobody can tell what is inside. Score!

When you wash the pads, you can lay them flat in your lingerie drawer, or fold them up and store them like I did. I prefer the folded method because it’s more compact and I can pop whatever I need into my purse or diaper bag and be on my way without it taking up tons of space.

Patti introduces new patterns every couple weeks and uses fun, creative prints. She keeps things fun for all of us ladies and really loves what she does. She is super sweet, accomodating to all of her customers, and keeps things new, trendy, and innoative. I think more women need to learn about how amazing reusable menstrual pads are and learn that they exist, because if more women knew about them, and gave them a try, the better off the world and our bodies would be.

If you are in the market to try something new, step outside the box and give these pads a try. They are affordably priced and a small investment will get you products you can use again and again – which saves you money in the long run.

Head on over to visit Patti’s shop on Etsy:

Follow her on Facebook:

Sign up for her once a month newsletter:


I dare you to give these reusable menstrual pads a try. I honestly don’t recommend ordering from anyone else, as I have not tested other brands or products from other stores – and just like anything else, there are good products and some not so good products out there. I trust what Patti brings to the table. I know you will be so satisfied. The quality of her work is impeccable.So, don’t be shy! Reach out. Give them a try. Even if you just buy one or two pads to start – you never know how much you love something until you do try it. And I promise it’s not as strange or weird as you might initially think!

I hope you all enjoyed this review! If you have any questions for me or for Patti, please leave them in a comment below. I will respond as soon as possible!

Have a great day!





Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the brand in which I have written about. The views and opinions expressed within this blog post are strictly my own, and have in no way been influenced by a third party. I received these items for free in exchange for a review. As persuant to the FTC’s endorsement guide and regulations, I am posting this disclaimer in accordance with their rules to avoid any discrepancies and or fines.


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