How I Keep Such Youthful Skin as a 30 Something Mom: A 10 Point Checklist

Hello ladies, and good morning! I hope you are all having a fantastic day today.

I wanted to come by and talk about something I’ve been questioned about time and time again. I have been told more times than I could ever count that I do not look my age, and people are always wondering how it is I keep such youthful looking skin. It’s so funny when people ask my daughter if I’m her sister – and she’s 15! I suppose there are a few factors at play, and I am going to go into a little bit of detail on them today in this post. If you’re curious and you’re beginning to approach the decade of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and more, pull up a chair and find out what it is makes my 33 year old skin glow and look more beautiful than ever before. Hopefully, you can apply some of these tips and tricks to your own life and, even as a mom, look better than ever before!


Me, at age 33, nearly 34.


Myself again, at age 33. I have to say I do have pretty great skin!

Number 1: Cleansing


Whether you realize it or not, the proper skin care regimen plays a huge role in the overall appearance of your face. Did you know that forgetting to cleanse your daily makeup from your face is the number one thing to age your skin aside from smoking cigarettes? Also, for every night you forget to remove that makeup you had on from the day, you literally age your skin by 3 days! Yikes! That’s why, for me, cleansing is so incredibly important.

I have been privileged enough to use the Forever Flawless White Diamond Collection for the past few years now. The collection includes a cleanser, morning moisturizer, and night time moisturizer. I also use their facial peel, and it works wonders when it comes to removing spots and brightening my skin. I come from a mostly European background, with a British mother and an Italian father, my skin is prone to discoloration and spots. I learned early on that with a hereditary issue such as dark circles under my eyes, as well as lots of freckles by way of my British heritage, I would need to work harder to keep my skin looking it’s best and ward off those dark circles and skin spots. I’m glad I learned lots of tricks of the trade by way of being a beauty blogger for a few years.

When it comes to cleansing, I do a double cleanse morning and night. This means that I go in with my facial cleanser and do a quick cleanse to remove surface dirt, dust, bacteria and any residual makeup I may not have removed all the way the night before, and then I follow that up with a deep cleanse. I use my Clarisonic 2x per week to keep radiant, fresh skin and to remove dead skin cells as well as stimulate new skin cell growth.

Number 2: Moisturizer


Moisturizing the skin is second to developing a good cleansing routine. I use a moisturizer meant for the morning, as well as one meant for evening wear. So, I moisturize twice per day after a double cleanse. Moisturizing the skin is important because it replenishes what we lose each and every day by way of the environment, pollutants around us, and climate. Also, age plays a big role as to how moisturized our skin will appear and actually stay. For me, my skin is somewhere between normal and dry. So, sometimes, I need to moisturize a bit more frequently. I apply moisturizer to the entirety of my face, and my neck.

Number 3: Dairy

I know this sounds silly to some, but I swear by it. Not only do I ensure I moisturize well and cleanse well, but I attribute my beautiful skin to my consumption of dairy. I have noted marked differences in my skin at times when I do not consume any dairy, from times where I do. There was a period of time when I was nursing Richi and I had to give dairy up for a while because he had severe gas issues, and I was trying to rule out a dairy allergy. During that time, my skin did not feel as supple, the elasticity was notably different, and it seemed much drier than it had been. So, for me, consuming dairy products such as cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, and even ice cream works miracles for my skin.

Number 4: Climate

Sanibel Island Lighthouse Gulf Coast Florida

Lucky for me, I happen to live in a place that constantly supplies my skin with plenty of moisture. South Florida has a climate comparable to that of Jamaica. There is almost always near 100% humidity in the air and because of that, many people here are able to have younger looking skin well into their older years. For those who live in arid climates, the effects may be a bit more rough on the skin. Adding a humidifier to your home will undoubtedly help you to retain a youthful appearance to your skin.

Number 5: Diet

Diet is a huge player in the appearance of your skin, or so I learned. It would only  make sense that what we eat would have an effect on the outward appearance of our skin, right? Well, it’s true. Studies have shown that diets high in fat, salt, and sugar will yield skin that is aged faster, with more problematic areas such as dark spots that also lacks in luster and glow. I generally eat a very healthy diet, full of fresh, organic veggies and fruits, hormone free, free ranged chicken and lean beef, and fish. I add in healthy oils and fats such as coconut and oil, and I try my hardest to stay away from added salts and sugars, save for my morning coffee. Sugar is the number one thing to eliminate for beautiful, glowing skin.

Number 6: Hydration


Hydration is so important when it comes to having beautiful, blemish free skin that glows and radiates youth from the inside out. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is what you should be doing every day to ensure your skin is as beautiful as possible. It might sound like a lot, but once you get used to actually hydrating and drinking water on an almost constant basis, you will find it easier to intake higher amounts of water. If you have a difficult time drinking a lot of water, add a calorie free flavor to your water, or try adding some lemon or cucumber slices with mint sprigs.

Number 7: Glycolic Peels

Glycolic facial peels are usually made up of Vitamin A, which is harvested from fruit pectin. Glycolic peels work to lighten dark spots on the skin, such as sun spots and freckles, providing you with brighter skin. I usually use them at bed time because they can make your skin susceptible to sunburn (photosensitivity) due to peeling away the top layers of skin. It might sound painful to use, but they aren’t! I use them in moderation, maybe 2 or 3 times per month, to keep y skin looking beautiful and youthful.

Number 8: Sunblock

Common sense would tell us that using sunblock is probably one of the most important things to do before we step foot out the door. So why do so many of us fail to do so? For me, its easy. I use a SPF-30 based foundation from Maybelline, called Fit Me, and I’m protected all day. I also make sure to use lip protection in the form of lip balm with SPF 30 as well.

Number 9: Makeup


When all else fails, use makeup. I love using highlighters and contouring my cheeks to accentuate my natural skin. I’m not, nor have I ever been a huge fan of overdoing makeup, so I try to keep it natural as often as possible. Too much makeup can wear on your skin and age your skin, so keep that in mind. Using it in moderation is okay, though!

Number 10: Sleep

Sleeping is just as important as any of the other points I’ve mentioned. When we sleep, it’s the period where our bodies and skin cells rejuvenate and renew themselves, which gives us fresh new skin and helps us to look refreshed and youthful instantaneously.

So, there you have it. I hope you have learned at least one new thing from this post, and that you will implement it into your own routine. Let me know what works for you, and if you do any of the same things I do in a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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