Important Update

Good Morning Everyone!

I am so sorry for my unexpected, unwanted hiatus – however, due to the fact that I had some extenuating family circumstances (none of which were good, if I’m being honest) I was unable to focus on or wrap my head around blogging for a little while.

I just had too much going on.

However; that’s over now, and now that I am able to get my head back into the game, I wanted to announce the fact that I am back!

I will be posting a few blogs between today and tomorrow – some of them review posts that have been a long time coming, some from the heart, and one just based on ponderings as a mom.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your week – and I hope you all had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend and Mothers Day, since I wasn’t around for either of those.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things!



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