Review: HollyDay Designs Breast Milk Jewelry

It’s not every day I find something I am so enamored by, but breast milk jewelry as most of us know has clearly become a ‘thing’. I have taken a huge interest in these jewelry pieces due to the fact that I am a breastfeeding mama – yes, still! 15 months and still going strong with no intent on forcefully weaning or stopping until he is ready. Even though he feeds a lot less than he used to in the past, he still enjoys nursing when he gets up in the morning, before his mid-morning nap, late afternoon and before bed. There might be one dream feed in the middle of the night, and then he’s back off to sleep. So, this is obviously still a big part of our lives – and I want to commemorate our special time together as mother and son every way I possibly can. This is where breast milk jewelry comes in to play, and why it’s so special to me.

This morning I want to shine some light on a fabulous woman and her company.  Enter Holly Dayle of HollyDay Designs Breast Milk Jewelry.

Holly is the absolute original creator of breast milk jewelry. That’s right! I got to collaborate and work with the woman behind breast milk jewelry herself. I felt so privileged and honored to be able to say I had this opportunity – and I have got to say, the experience was everything I hoped it would be and more.

First, a bit of information on Holly and her company – info taken from her Etsy page:

About the Company

Hollyday Designs began in 2002 with my wedding stationary. As my life changed and developed I became inspired to slowly add more to my resume – my shop is sort of a timeline to my life. Everything has a purpose and meaning, everything inspired by my everyday.

About Holly

I’m a married mama of 2 boys, 3 senior dogs, a tortoise, and a bunny! Family is first, and when they are content, I’m busy trying to harness my frantic creative energy into something meaningful.

Now, for some information on the item I received for review.

I got to choose any pendant I wanted to for review, and so I chose a beautiful mother and child cameo piece. I fell in love with it instantaneously and I love wearing it. It’s just so beautiful. The piece itself invokes a feeling of love, and showcases one of the most beautiful and meaningful blessings in life – motherhood, and the beautiful bond between mother and child. It’s as if that moment can be frozen in time – even long after the kids have grown and moved on. As I sit here writing this, my eyes are filled with tears because I know one day my sweet baby will no longer be a baby anymore. One day, he will be a grown man with a family of his own – but the special memories I have, including this beautiful piece of art, will live on. I hope to be able to look back on this beautiful piece of jewelry when I’m old and gray, and think back to a time where I felt more love than I ever will again. I will treasure this piece forever.

The cameo itself, or the white portion, is filled with my very own breast milk, preserved forever into this beautiful pendant. I am absolutely in love with it. It looks beautiful and can really add a very special touch to your outfit, and is versatile enough to wear to a special event or even just out doing errands. I, however, reserve it for special occasions because I don’t want to over wear it. Sometimes, I will just take it out and look at it. Looking at it makes me so proud of myself and my accomplishments as a breast feeding mama, and part of me gets nostalgic and cries. I’m a very sensitive, emotional human – so things like this mean the world to me.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful pendant I received.

This was right after I opened it:


And here is a close up of the beautiful piece itself:


You guys…I’m literally obsessed.

I’m in love.

I couldn’t possibly love my pendant any more than I do.

As a sidenote, Holly is very sweet to work with. She also ships super quickly, responds to inquiries very quickly, and provides you with a way to track when your order has been finished and shipped to you as well. She can work with you to create custom breast milk jewelry orders, and will ensure you are 100% satisfied.

All in all I would 100% recommend buying from HollyDay Designs. If you want a quality piece from the original creator of this jewelry, and who wouldn’t want to get their jewelry from a legend – contact Holly today.

Find her on the web:




I hope you enjoyed this review, and I really do hope that you will choose HollyDay Designs when you choose to commemorate your breast feeding journey.



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