Yes, I’m THAT mom.

Mom shaming takes many forms.

With that being said, I was recently under attack for the way I choose to parent my baby. Why, you ask? Because I am crunchy. Some would call me almost crispy. What is a crunchy mom? Well, defines a crunchy mom as such:

A “crunchy mom” is a woman on a quest for more information.  A mom who is environmentally, health, and socially conscious. She cares enough about her family to question the status quo. She recognizes that there are a variety of approaches to individual problems and refuses to be locked into a single perspective. She seeks to learn more about why things happen and tries to discover the root cause of the problems she observes.

With this knowledge comes responsibility, to our families, other moms, and our communities. When we know better, we do better. She is not afraid to speak her mind when necessary to help or protect someone. A mom who fosters a strong, positive bond with their children through natural living.

Here’s another definition from

The definition of Crunchy:

Crunchy refers to the crunch of granola, which (as goes the stereotype) hippie-esque people are likely to eat. To be crunchy is to be along the mindset of all-natural. There’s a very broad spectrum but here are some topics associated with crunchy mommies:

Natural birthing, home-birthing, placenta encapsulating (we have a video on this), breastfeeding, babywearing, baby-led weaning, cloth diapering, ECing (elimination communication), co-sleeping, bed sharing, non or selective vaccinating, anti-circumcision, attachment parenting techniques, homeschooling or un-schooling, natural medicine (lots of probiotics), natural living, organic eating plus many more that would fall into that same train of thought…

With that being said, I practice the following in my own life:

Natural Birthing (as long as I can help it)



BLW (Baby Led Weaning)

Cloth Diapering


Bed sharing

Delayed vaccinations

Attachment parenting

Beginning homeschooling

natural medicine/ home remedies

natural living

Organic eating

Cloth menstrual pads



and more.


So, as you can see, I’m one of those moms.

Is that such a bad thing? I don’t think so. By my standards, I think it’s a pretty great thing. I think I am doing what I think is best for my family. I think I am a very involved, loving parent and I do everything to ensure the best health of my baby and my family. So, please tell me why I was recently shamed for doing so? Apparently us crunchy moms are ‘annoying’ and ‘it’s unnecessary’ to constantly eat clean and healthy and cloth diapering is ‘gross’. Um, okay. Says you.

For me, this is what works, and what makes me happy. Should I have to do things a different way because it makes you feel jealous or uncomfortable? Not at all. I will continue to do what works for me, because it’s what makes me happy. It’s what keeps my family healthy. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m alright with that.

There’s more that I could say, but I will leave it at that. After all, I was raised to be a lady, and I don’t see the need to bash you simply because you’ve done the same to me.

Yes, I’m that mom. I’m that crunchy mom. I’m proud of who I am. I’m proud of my parenting capabilities. And I will continue to be who I am for the sake of my children as long as I’m a mama.




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