Deals and Steals: Shopping Day on a Budget

Hey everyone! Good Afternoon and welcome to another edition of a day in the life of me.

I have spent the majority of the day out and about shopping and enjoying some time with my now 13 year old and of course, Baby Richi. It’s been a really pleasant day, given the fact that it’s rained most the day today. As a matter of fact, it’s downpoured so much over the past week that we have received over a foot of rain! Incredible since we were in such a drought. God sure provided!

I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond because I had seen online that they sell cloth diapers and accessories, and so I wanted to check out what they had available in stock. I was of course let down when I asked a sales associate where to find the items, and said they only had those items available online, but she was helpful enough to let me know that I could place an order online and pick the items up in store, or she could even order the items I wanted for me and I could pick them up in store. Regardless, I skipped over buying any cloth diapers today and opted for the clearance section, where I found some awesome deals. I got a cute shower curtain, regularly priced at $40.00, for $4.98. It had been a display model but I didn’t care; I knew all I had to do was wash it as it’s a fabric curtain and it would be good as new – and it came out beautiful! The colors are bright and it looks very summery. I really do love it.

Aside from that, I got two very pretty mugs – both of which belonged to a full set – both sets which were priced over $100 – but I got each mug for .98 each. They were marked down from $10 each, so this was a great deal. There was nothing wrong with them at all. They don’t match, but I’m not a fan of everything matching, anyway. I like to mix and match colors and patterns that work well together.

I also got 3 of those delicious scented sachets to put in my bedroom closet and in our bathroom. They are Summer Romance scented, and they smell like a beautiful floral perfume with notes of passion fruit, peony, pine, vanilla, and orchid. I am seriously in love with the scent. For the 3 of them in the pack, it was $4.99 – not on a deal, but I had to have them when I saw and smelled them. I might even put one in the air vent to blow throughout the house.

In total, with all of the items I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond I spent $12.62. I saved over $60 on this trip!

Here’s a picture of my haul:


There you can see the mugs, the shower curtain and the smelly-good things. So much fun! You can shop at Bed Bath and Beyond and other expensive stores on a budget, you just have to look for the deals!

After that was through, I headed on over to one of my favorite consignment shops and got 10 or so pieces of baby clothes for Richi for only 2.00! These clothes are nearly new. I was so proud of myself. He really needed some new stuff, so this worked out well. What’s the point in buying everything brand new when he is growing like a weed right now? Of course I buy him brand new outfits as well for when we are out and about and for going out to eat and things- but for play clothes around the house, why bother? These clothes look new anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me!

I also got Alex a shirt and some magic cards as well, and that was included in the $2.00 price. I love finding these good deals!

How is everyone’s week and day going? I’d love to hear what’s new in your world!





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