Vacation Planning in Full Effect!


This summer is going to be epic. Fun in mass proportions, laughter to reach sky high, smiles that stretch from ear to ear. Ah, yes. I’m talking about having some fun in the sun with my incredible family.

I am already full throttle vacation planning – and little does my hardworking, amazing, handsome, incredible husband know, I have some pretty amazing things in store for our family this summer season! I literally cannot wait to see my kids and husband’s faces when I announce some of the cool things I have in store for them.

Unfortunately, vacations have been something that have taken a back burner as of recent years due to family circumstances, other happenstances, pregnancy, a new baby, stress, and everything else in between. However; I am very happy to announce that no longer will anything hold us back. No sir. This summer is all about having fun and documenting our time every step of the way. This summer is all about making some memories to last a lifetime. The time for fun is now, and I am beyond excited to document and share our family memories with all of you – my incredible readers – every step of the way!

Our summer is going to be absolutely unforgettable. And if you follow my blog and everything that’s been going on in my/our lives lately, you know how badly my family needs this time away to regroup, engage in fun family activities with one another, and just laugh and smile and enjoy life. Never before has a family needed this time so badly as we do.

Here’s to summer vacation – bring on the fun!



12 thoughts on “Vacation Planning in Full Effect!

  1. Tia says:

    You really make it seem so easy to write with your presentation and I love that your personality shines through in all of your posts, which is perfect! Looking forward to your future posts.

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  2. Reva says:

    Would you be willing to write a feature for our travel mag? The article would be handsomely compensated. I am sending you an email right now to go over details. Thank you, have a nice night!

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