Father’s Day Gifts From the Heart

Have you decided what you are going to be doing for your significant other for Father’s Day this year? I’ve put together a few quick, easy, and painless Father’s Day art projects that I thought were too cute not to share and that I had found across the internet- and I will be making one of these myself for my loving, hardworking husband. So, if you’re in a bind and can’t figure out what to do, why not give one of these ideas a try and make him something from the heart with the little ones! If your husband is anything like mine, he appreciates good home made things from the heart rather than store bought any day.


Father’s Day Printable

I absolutely adore this one. It’s simple, easy, and any child or baby can do it! All you need is some non-toxic paint such as tempera or acrylic and voila – done! Put it in a nice frame and it’s something that can last a lifetime. Download your FREE printable here: Free Father’s Day Printable


New Daddy’s Toolbox

What an absolute adorable idea. I was going to make one of these for my husband before baby Richi was born, however due to the fact that he came early that wound up not being a priority. This is such a cute, cool idea! Include things like diapers, bibs, wipes, diaper cream, face masks for those terribly stinky changes that he just can’t handle (LOL… men are such wimps sometimes) and also, be sure to throw in some snacks that he loves as well as a reward for being such an awesome daddy.



You Are My Supehero Canvas

What daddy doesn’t want to feel like his child’s hero? This is so simple and easy to make. Simply dip the baby’s hand/foot in paint, press down on the canvas as seen here, add in an arm, hand, and face and voila! Easy peasy. Customize what you want your canvas to say, add in a date or leave it out – it’s up to you. Dad will love displaying this beautiful work of art for all to see!



Construction Craft

Have a husband who works as a carpenter (like mine) or in construction? This is the perfect little craft for small kids to do. Let them write the words and you can help them cut out the pieces, and there you go – a great piece of art to hang on the fridge and surprise daddy with when he comes home. You can customize it further with names, dates, or add in your own anecdotes.



Dad Painting

This is one of my absolute favorites out of the list I’ve put together. I love how the colors blend and such a simple thing as the word ‘Dad’ really pops off the canvas. This is also a very simple, easy to do project and can be done with babies all the way up to the teen years. Simply tape off the word ‘Dad’ across the canvas with masking tape, or crafting tape, and then paint away. Have the children blend the colors together or they can even use their fingers – use your imagination. Use pieces of sponges for a textured effect. Allow the canvas to dry, and once dried, remove the tape slowly and carefully. This would hang nicely in the living room! If you don’t have or don’t want to use canvas, try using a piece of paper.


Handprint Art

I adore hand print art for gift giving between mom and dad – and so I loved all of these wonderful ideas. Pick and choose and customize your own colors and wording to create the perfect personalized gift. Maybe there’s a catch phrase your child and their dad love to say to each other, maybe there are nicknames. Use your imagination and make it your own.



Filling My Daddy’s Shoes Print

Whether you choose to include the wording shown in the center of the picture or not, there’s nothing sweeter than taking a print of your husband’s shoe, and including a print of the tiny foot following in his footsteps within his. A beautiful, sweet, heart-string pulling project you can do with your child or baby that dad is sure to love.


Snack Pack

Does your husband love to snack? This is the perfect way to give his favorite candies or nuts in a cute, customizable way.


Homemade Card

You guys….I just can’t with how cute this is. Ohmygosh. Try to replicate this one, it’s sure to bring some laughs and smiles! Or, make your own!

No matter what type of a gift you choose to make dad this year, gifts from the heart are always a win. These types of gifts are worth far more than any expensive present you could buy. Money cannot buy the feeling of receiving a sweet heartfelt gift made just for you by your child.








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