Weekly Update

Good Morning, everyone!

I’m just stopping in to post a quick update and let you all know what’s been going on in our world this week and what you can expect from me within the coming weeks.

This week as usual has been a chaotic one around my household, but that’s nothing new, of course. I do believe I’m Wonder Woman and my husband is Bat Man, and we are a couple of amazing Superheroes in disguise. How else could we handle everything life throws our way so well? To be honest, this has been one of the hardest weeks in recent history, but things will have to get better soon. They can only go up from here. I am beginning to speak out loud words of affirmation over my and my family’s life, and despite how hard and how much the devil tries to attack, we will overcome!

In other news, we have a lot of cool things planned over the coming weeks to look forward to, so that’s always exciting. I can’t wait to share pictures and experiences with all of you. I’ve also been contacted by some amazing companies who want me to do some product reviews and tests for them, so I am hand selecting my opportunities and not accepting every single one brought my way. Regardless, I am happy to be able to experience some of these products and test them out for you, providing you all with my humble opinion on them and letting you know what I think is worth it and what’s not so much worth it.

I hope you are all having an amazing summer so far.

Here’s a few pictures of our weekend out in Sanibel. We went to a friend of my husband’s house who he just so happened build this gorgeous house for. We enjoyed their pool for a while rather than go to the beach. Unfortunately Amber wasn’t able to be with us, which made me really sad. Nonetheless, here’s some pictures.


And here are some other pictures from Sanibel.


Off the Sanibel Causeway


My husband built this home. Yes, he’s fantastic. I cannot wait till he builds our home!


Captiva, Florida


The home across from where we were enjoying ourselves. Isn’t it gorgeous??


My husband also built this house – its so beautiful!


This is the beautiful home we spent our Saturday at and enjoyed the pool all day. My husband built this home, it’s all custom and beautiful – and the salt water pool was to die for!


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