Mary Poppins: A Broadway Palm Dinner Theater Production Review

Mary Poppins.

It’s about as much of a household name as mac & cheese. Most of us all saw and loved Mary Poppins as small children and brought those fond memories into adulthood as time marched on. Mary, with her cheery disposition and being nearly perfect in every way, was something of a role model for me as a child. I wished I could have her as a nanny, and wanted to be like her, magical as she was.

Now, I have always loved the theater. When I was a child, I was constantly involved in plays and the theater, and it was something I loved up into adulthood. Needless to say, when I heard Mary Poppins was being put on as a production at The Broadway Palm Dinner Theater in Fort Myers, I was all in. I knew I wanted to go to at least see the production and see if it was as good as I hoped it would be, but when I was contacted by Melissa from the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater and invited to bring the family in for dinner and to see the play, I was incredibly ecstatic and couldn’t wait! It was one of the best evenings spent in a long while.

Mary Poppins Arrival

Some of the fabulously talented actors from Mary Poppins

I can’t rave on enough about how fantastic this production was! Not only were the characters so incredibly believable and well spoken, but it was (dare I say) even more enjoyable than watching the movie! I have seen a few Mary Poppins plays in my day, and none of the ‘Mary’s’ jumped out at me or even felt as authentic as they should have. Not until this production have I felt connected to the character in all her authentic glory. Melissa Whitworth was the most believable and wonderful Mary Poppins I’ve ever seen. Just as good as Julie Andrews, and every bit as sweet and beautiful. I truly enjoyed watching her in this rendition, and I believe she was just made for this role!

Although Bert, played by Chris Duir, wasn’t the most physically identical character ever to play Dick Van Dyke’s character of Bert, Bert’s personality was every bit as believable as it should be and he was absolutely fantastic in his role.

As for the other characters, I adored each of them. Mrs. Brill was every bit as funny as she was in the original, George Banks (the father/husband) was very believable and every bit as serious as he was in the movie, and Mrs. Banks was loveable and cheery as she was in the movie – but I must admit, I liked her character in the play better! I don’t feel the bag woman (‘feed the birds’ scene) was given enough ‘screen time’ as I always really enjoyed that part of the movie, but I was happy she was in the production nonetheless. Last but not least, Jane and Michael Banks were absolute perfection in their roles, and I adored them!

Step In Time

An image from Step In Time

Mary and Bert

Mary and Bert

Dinner was every bit as spectacular as the production was. My husband and I opted for the prime rib plated dinner which came with a wonderful cut of choice beef from Colorado, cooked medium-well and served with loaded mashed potatoes and a grilled vegetable skewer which included onion, mushrooms and peppers.


A snapshot of the menu options for the plated dinners


My salad, iced unsweet tea, and Baby Richi’s fruit bowl and cup of milk (lol, can’t forget the pacifier)


My dinner


Left, Bryan, Alex’s friend; Right, Alex enjoying his dessert before dinner (this never happens)


Me pretending to be as awesome as Mary

All in all, it was a fantastic night spent with family — and we brought our son’s friend along being that Marcus wasn’t able to come, and Amber was spending the night at her friend’s house. The food was absolutely amazing, the production was beyond my expectations and our server, Jennifer, was sweet beyond words. We loved her humor and the attention to detail and time she put in to being a great server. We really hope to have her again when we head back for some of the children’s productions in the fall!

A huge thank you to Melissa from Broadway Palm, and to Broadway Palm Dinner Theater for sponsoring this event. I highly recommend heading on over to see Mary Poppins at the Broadway Palm. It’s well worth the money and you will have the time of your life! There are a few different ticket options and times to choose from – check them out here.


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