The Great Debate: Screen Time and Your Child

Hello, and Good Morning, Friends!

This morning, I wanted to talk about a couple of Baby Richi’s favorite TV shows, and television and children in general. I’ve heard a huge debate as of lately about parents not allowing their children TV time because of this or that reason. “It will fry their brain” isn’t quite a fair argument anymore, in my opinion. We all watched TV as youngsters, yes? Pretty sure our brains are all in tact. At least, speaking for myself, mine is.
I believe that it’s very possible to help educate your child through means such as television in a safe, positive manner that can aid in their growth and creativity while under your supervision.

As per usual at this time of day, I’m sitting here sipping a now cold cup of coffee (gross, I know –  but… mom life) and watching Richi play with his blocks and watch Little Baby Bum.

Oh, you haven’t heard of this show?

Well, if you have a toddler, you must check it out. It’s the cutest compilation of nursery rhymes and animal characters and the videos actually teach the child a thing or two. It was created by a couple from the UK, and apparently, it’s risen to fame by becoming the 5th most popular show in the UK – it’s also a YouTube sensation. I adore the show because it’s one of the only ones Richi will actually watch – plus, it’s not annoying. It’s not Caillou.

Here’s a photo of Little Baby Bum:


Photo courtesy of YouTube

There’s also Dave and Ava. We just found this show yesterday or the day before (the days are kind of melting together at this point, what with my seriously lack of sleep these days – more on that in a few) and I love it, as does Richi. Same concept – nursery rhymes, but more vivid colors, more realistic characters, and better animation. I also really enjoy the animals in that one – Patrick the mouse being my favorite!


Dave and Ava in ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider‘ – Photo courtesy of Google

patrick mouse.jpg

Patrick Mouse. The cutest!

They also have an app!

I’m so excited to download it – I believe the app itself costs $19.99, however, they promise no advertising ever – and you get all of their videos and from what I’ve gathered so far, there’s a ton.

I’ve also noticed something: I tend to prefer European based videos for my little guy. I believe they incorporate more educational value to the mix than most American shows do. Aside from these two, we watch Word World, and Bob the Builder. We watch Splash and Bubbles occasionally as well, simply because he loves fishies, and the colors are vivid and attractive.

I try to limit his screen time to under an hour per day but sometimes I do play it in the background when we are going on about life, like having lunch or playing with toys.

I believe tv can be very educational, but that the parents should hand select the programming their children watch carefully. I see too many children’s shows throwing out subliminal messages to things that kids don’t need to see. I want my baby to be little for as long as possible and shield him from all of the terrible things in the world his sweet, innocent little eyes shouldn’t see. I also believe, however, that a parent should be their children’s main source of education – and that books should be number one. I will always choose books over television. But, you know, that’s just me and my humble opinion.

I would love to hear your thoughts on kids and TV as well as what shows your little ones love. Let me know in a comment!



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